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The Perilous Treachery: Unveiling the Danger of Foes

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A Danger of Foes refers to a specific group of enemies or adversaries who pose a significant threat or potential harm to individuals or a particular entity. The collective noun phrase goes beyond merely describing the presence of a single foe and instead emphasizes the intensity and level of danger associated with this group. When used, it evokes a sense of urgency and caution, highlighting the potential risks and obstacles that one may encounter while facing multiple adversaries. The phrase danger of foes conveys the idea that these enemies are not to be taken lightly as they may bring about potential harm, unwarranted challenges, and imminent danger if not properly approached or countered.

Example sentences using Danger of Foes

1) The fortress was well-guarded to protect the kingdom from danger of foes.

2) The king addressed his army, reminding them of the constant danger of foes and advising them to remain vigilant.

3) The wise queen devised a strategy to counter the danger of foes and ensure the safety of her realm.

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