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Navigating the Dangerous Maze: The Perils of the Obstacle-Filled Path

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A Danger of Obstacles refers to a group or collection of various hurdles, difficulties, or impediments that stand as potential threats or risks. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the presence of numerous obstructive elements that pose potential harm, challenges, or deterrence towards achieving a desired goal or outcome. It conveys the idea that navigating through the obstacles within this group can be perilous and demanding, requiring careful consideration, planning, and strategy to overcome. Whether physical barriers or abstract challenges, such as conflicts, disagreements, or constraints, a danger of obstacles encompasses a multitude of hindrances that demand attention, resilience, and problem-solving skills to effectively navigate through them.

Example sentences using Danger of Obstacles

1) The danger of obstacles is very high in this treacherous mountain terrain.

2) The hikers encountered a danger of obstacles while navigating through the dense forest.

3) The runners faced a danger of obstacles during the obstacle race, where they had to clamber over walls and crawl under ropes.

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