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Flutter of Kisses: A Soft Symphony of Affection

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Flutter of Kisses is a charming and poetic collective noun phrase that vividly captures the essence of when a multitude of gentle and affectionate kisses fill the air. It conjures a magical image of delicate, butterfly-like kisses that zip and dance in the atmosphere, spreading joy, warmth, and tenderness. Like a burst of butterfly wings, this unique and enchanting phrase encapsulates the lightness, gracefulness, and fleeting nature of kisses given in abundance. It portrays a lovely scene of a moment when love, affection, and happiness create an ambiance tenderly embraced by fluttering kisses. Whether it evokes the enchantment of a blissful wedding ceremony, the boundless embrace of a joyful reunion, or simply the harmony of togetherness, a Flutter of kisses conjures feelings of pure delight and heartwarming warmth.

Example sentences using Flutter of Kisses

1) In the final scene of the play, the audience bursts into a flutter of kisses to express their admiration for the actors.

2) As the bride walked down the aisle, she was greeted with a flutter of kisses from her family and friends.

3) The young couple's anniversary celebration turned into a heartwarming affair, with a flutter of kisses sprinkling their day with love and affection.

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