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The Butter Gets Out in Full Force: A Look at a Collective noun phrase ‘Knobs of Butter’

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A Knobs of Butter refers to a charming and delectable grouping of small, rounded portions of butter. Usually shaped like tiny hills or mounds, these conveniently sized knobs are synonymous with indulgence and add a delightful richness to various culinary preparations. Translucent, golden-hued, and velvety smooth, knobs of butter evoke feelings of comfort, satisfaction, and richness. Whether spread on warm toast, melted over a succulent steak, or folded into a decadent pastry dough, each knob of butter is a miniature treasure that brings a distinct creaminess and a touch of luxuriousness to any dish. With their irresistible blend of taste, texture, and aroma, knobs of butter captivate our senses, making them an essential ingredient in many gastronomic endeavors.

Example sentences using Knobs of Butter

1) I asked the guests at the dinner party to pass the knobs of butter down the table.

2) After finishing the meal, I noticed there were a few knobs of butter left on the serving dish.

3) The recipe called for two knobs of butter, but I mistakenly added an extra one to the dish.

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