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Unveiling Collective Noun Marvels: Fascinating Labor Examples Will Surprise You!

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Collective noun examples with the word labor:
1. A gang of laborers: This collective noun represents a group of laborers who work together on manual tasks, such as construction or agricultural work. They collaborate and join forces to complete projects efficiently.
2. A crew of laborers: Referring to a group of skilled workers collaborating on a specific task, a crew has a specific role within the larger project or industry. They often undertake jobs that require technical expertise, like operating machinery or managing a team.
3. A team of laborers: Similar to a crew, a team of laborers works collectively on a particular assignment. This collective noun showcases the importance of cooperation and coordination among members in accomplishing mutual goals.
4. A force of laborers: This collective noun emphasizes the strength and power garnered from a group of laborers throughout their work. It signifies the collective efforts exerted to achieve a common objective, implying a unified presence.
5. A workforce: This term represents the overall collection of individuals employed and involved in completing the tasks performed by a specific organization or industry. It highlights the collective labor undertaken by the employees to fulfill their roles and contribute to the productivity of the group as a whole.

These collective noun examples reflect the idea of unity and cooperation in the labor force, highlighting the significance of collaborative work in various industries and projects.

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