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Accumulating Evidences: A Set of Receipts

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A Set of Receipts refers to a collection or bundle of receipts that are typically obtained or issued to document financial transactions or expenditures. This collective noun phrase symbolizes an assemblage of paper or digital proof that verifies the completion of a purchase, payment, or various financial activities. Within this set, receipts could encompass anything from everyday expenses like grocery purchases, restaurant bills, or fuel expenditure to larger transactions such as business invoices, travel expenses, or hotel bookings. Each individual receipt carries vital details such as the date, amount paid or received, description of the item or service, and sometimes the names or identities of the parties involved. Accumulating a set of receipts is a crucial practice for personal or business financial management as it provides an accurate record of expenditures and acts as verification for possible reimbursements or tax deductions. Often stored and organized together, a set of receipts serves as a compendium of financial evidence, enabling individuals or organizations to track and analyze their expenses, manage budgets, and maintain a documented history of financial activities.

Example sentences using Set of Receipts

1) I organized a set of receipts from last month's shopping spree for tax purposes.

2) The accountant was pleased with the neatly compiled set of receipts.

3) The set of receipts I found in my wallet included purchases from various stores.

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