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The Resounding Symphony: Exploring the Collective Power of the Sound of Engines

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The collective noun phrase Sound of Engines refers to the harmonious symphony that emerges when multiple engines operate simultaneously. It depicts a resounding combination of powerful, mechanical rumblings that permeate the air and create an audible pulsation. This phrase commonly evokes thrilling and visceral imagery associated with various engine types, such as a roar of motorcycle engines on a city street, the thunderous growl of airplane engines during take-off, or the synchronized engine hum in a car racing event. The Sound of Engines conjures an atmosphere of dynamism, energy, and motion, captivating the imagination and serving as a testament to the remarkable technical achievements of mankind in harnessing mechanical power.

Example sentences using Sound of Engines

1) The sound of engines roared through the night as the cars raced down the track.

2) Standing near the airport, we were greeted by the familiar sound of engines, announcing the arrival of each plane.

3) The peaceful countryside was suddenly disrupted by the distant sound of engines, signaling the start of a thrilling motorcycle race.

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