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The Abundant Array: Unveiling the World of Sticks of Butter

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Sticks of Butter is a collective noun phrase referring to a specific quantity or grouping of butter, typically in solid form. It represents a collection of standardized individual units of butter, usually packaged in thin, elongated Sticks that have been shaped for convenience and precise measurements in culinary applications. The sticks are typically made by compressing churned butter into rectangular shapes, with each stick weighing a standardized amount, commonly a quarter-pound or half-pound. This collective noun phrase is often used when discussing recipes or measurements in baking and cooking contexts, with references to sticks of butter serving as a common measurement unit in many traditional recipes.

Example sentences using Sticks of Butter

1) I bought five sticks of butter at the grocery store.

2) The recipe calls for two sticks of butter, but I only have one.

3) The sticks of butter were neatly arranged in a row on the fridge shelf.

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