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A Wealth of Paper: Exploring the Wallet of Receipts

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A Wallet of Receipts is a grouping of various receipts that are kept together in a wallet or similar container. Collectively, these receipts represent a record of purchases, transactions, or bills paid by an individual or an organization. As a collective noun, a wallet of receipts encapsulates the sense of organization and containment, highlighting how these receipts are regularly accumulated and stored in a specific location - typically a wallet designated for this purpose. The assortment of receipts within this grouping can originate from a variety of sources, such as retail purchases, reimbursements, utility bills, or even business expenses. Acting as a tangible documentation, a wallet of receipts serves important purposes like personal finance management, tax filing, or the verification of expenses for reimbursement. With the rise of digital receipts, the concept of a wallet of receipts has also expanded to include virtual spaces in email folders, cloud storage, or mobile applications designed for organizing and accessing these digital records. Thus, a wallet of receipts represents an organized assembly of small, paper or virtual evidence that forms a trail of an individual or organization's financial transactions.

Example sentences using Wallet of Receipts

1) The wallet of receipts was overflowing with crumpled paper and torn invoices.

2) The accountant sighed as he had to sort through the chaotic pile of the wallet of receipts.

3) Emily organized the wallet of receipts by date and category to make tracking expenses easier for her small business.

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