[2] Collective Nouns for Applicants: Understanding the Slang of Job Seekers

Collective nouns for applicants refer to the group or collection of individuals who are applying for something. It is used to describe a gathering or aggregation of people seeking admission, employment, entry, or acceptance into a particular opportunity, organization, or position.

These collective nouns are used to represent the multitude of individuals involved in the application process, emphasizing their collective effort, ambition, and enthusiasm towards a common goal. They symbolize the diverse assortment of applicants, representing a wide array of skills, backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations.

The collective noun for applicants conjures an image of a pool, a collaborative community eagerly striving towards their respective ambitions, ultimately trying to distinguish themselves and standout among the other candidates. The noun encapsulates their shared anticipation, hopes, and competitiveness as they pursue their desired goals.

In the context of higher education, aspiring college students constitute a collective noun for applicants, jointly seeking admission to their preferred universities or educational programs. These hopeful candidates showcase their academic achievements, extracurricular involvements, and personal qualities to make a persuasive case for their acceptance while being part of this collective whole.

For job seekers, collective nouns for applicants can be used to describe the multitude of individuals vying for a specific role or position. This noun fundamentally captures the aspirations, qualifications, and determination of the applicants in their quest for professional growth and career opportunities.

In summary, collective nouns for applicants represent the group of individuals participating in an application process. They embody the unity, determination, and aspirations of these applicants towards achieving their goals, whether it is securing admission to academic institutions or seeking employment opportunities.


Number Of Applicants

The collective noun phrase Number of Applicants refers to the quantification of individuals who have applied for an opportunity, such as a job, scholarship, or university program. It denotes the numerical count of individuals interested in a particular ap...

Example sentence

"The number of applicants for the job position was surprisingly high."


Pool of Applicants

A pool of applicants refers to a large group or collection of individuals who have submitted applications for a particular opportunity, such as a job opening, scholarship, or admission to a program or institution. This phrase represents the extensive rang...

Example sentence

"The hiring manager was overwhelmed with the pool of applicants and struggled to narrow down the choices."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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