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Cluster of Flavors: The Head of Garlic

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Head of Garlic is a collective noun phrase that refers to a cluster of individual cloves within a garlic bulb. Typically used in culinary contexts, a Head of garlic is often used as a flavoring agent in cooking, adding a pungent and robust flavor to dishes. Garlic is known for its numerous health benefits and its versatility in a wide range of dishes from various cuisines around the world. When a recipe calls for a head of garlic, it usually indicates that multiple cloves will be needed to enhance the dish with their unique and distinctive taste.

Example sentences using Head of Garlic

1) The chef grabbed a head of garlic from the pantry to season the soup.

2) In the garden, a robust head of garlic looked ready to harvest.

3) The kitchen table was adorned with a beautiful head of garlic as a centerpiece.

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