[1] Examples of a Badling: Exploring the Quirky Collective Noun for Ducks

A badling is an elusive collective noun that is often associated with a group of ducks in flight. The term "badling" harks back to antiquity, making it particularly unique and intriguing. When a flock of ducks takes to the sky, they may be referred to as a badling. This distinctive term not only evokes a sense of mystery but also captures the graceful and harmonious motion of ducks as they take wing together. With their synchronized movements and elegant formations, badlings of ducks create a captivating spectacle in the skies. Such a sight can inspire awe and fascination among onlookers fortunate enough to witness this phenomenon. The term "badling" serves as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the distinctive collective nouns shelters harbor for different animal groups.


Badling of Ducks

A badling of ducks refers to a group or collection of ducks swimming or floating together in a body of water. It is an intriguing and quite specific term that captures the essence of these beautiful aquatic birds. Badling is derived from the Norse word ba...

Example sentence

"A badling of ducks flew gracefully over the lake, their synchronized wingbeats creating a rhythmic melody."

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