[43] Basketful of Collective Noun Examples: A Whimsical Collection Under One 'Basket'

A collective noun is a word that is used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to collective noun examples with the word "basket," several interesting and vivid descriptions can be formed.

1. A handful of ripe strawberries lay invitingly in the woven basket, making it the perfect symbol of a harvest. Here, the collective noun "basket" represents a group of strawberries that are aesthetically arranged together.

2. Bursting with colorful blooms, the basket stood proudly on the windowsill, exemplifying the collective noun's significance for flowers. In this case, the collective noun "basket" signifies a delightful assemblage of different varieties of flowers.

3. As they darted beneath the shady trees, a swarm of insects emerged from a hole within the unsightly basket. Here, the collective noun "basket" embodies a large group of insects, depicting their collective activity and movement.

4. Overflowing with dates, nuts, and fronds, the treasure-laden basket was a testament to the abundance of an oasis. This collective noun demonstrates how "basket" represents a culmination of delicacies or valuables found, creating an impression of richness.

5. With rackets in hand and determination in their eyes, the players formed a formidable team, proving that "basket" could also describe a collective of athletes competing on a basketball court. This exemplifies how a collective noun can extend beyond physical objects and denote a group of individuals engaged in a common sporting activity.

6. It was truly a marvel to witness the synchronized dance of the hot air balloon baskets ascending into the morning sky, signifying the collective collaboration of balloon pilots and the beauty of group flights. Here, "basket" represents the collective endeavor of brave hot air balloon adventurers.

Collective nouns serve as expressive linguistic tools, allowing us to personify a group of entities or emphasize camaraderie and unity. By incorporating the word "basket" and choosing an appropriate context, these examples illustrate the versatility and imagery that collective nouns carry in our everyday descriptions.


Basket Of Activewear

A basket of activewear refers to a collection or grouping of various athletic clothes and gear used for physical activities and exercises. This inclusive term, basket, symbolizes a vessel that gathers together an assortment of activewear items, ensuring a...

Example sentence

"I bought a new basket of activewear to revamp my fitness wardrobe."


Basket of Apples

A basket of apples forms a visually captivating collective noun phrase, drawing attention to a collection of fresh, vibrant fruits bundled together. This evocative image conjures thoughts of autumnal gatherings, fresh harvests, or rustic countryside scene...

Example sentence

"At the market, he spotted a beautiful basket of apples, all shining in their bright red and green hues."


Basket of Bananas

A basket of bananas is a bountiful assemblage of the popular tropical fruit, typically arranged neatly in a container designed to hold and transport them. This collective noun phrase conjures images of a vibrant grouping of golden-yellow bananas, exuding ...

Example sentence

"The grocer arranged a basket of bananas in the produce section."


Basket Of Berries

A basket of berries is a delightful sight found in farmer's markets, u-pick farms, and even in our own kitchens. It refers to a collective noun phrase representing a beautiful amalgamation of various types of berries, gathered together and presented in a ...

Example sentence

"I went to the farmer's market and saw a beautiful basket of berries on display."


Basket Of Bread

A basket of bread refers to a specific group or collection of bread, typically organized and presented in a basket. This collective noun phrase evokes imagery of a group of assorted bread varieties or types being arranged neatly within a woven basket. It ...

Example sentence

"The waiter approached the table carrying a basket of bread, tempting the hungry diners with its warm, doughy aroma."


Basket Of Bunnies

A basket of bunnies refers to a delightful gathering of adorable, fluffy creatures. It describes a group or collection of rabbits playfully nestled together within a basket, creating an utterly charming sight. Imagining a basket overflowing with these sma...

Example sentence

"I saw a basket of bunnies hopping around the garden, their fluffy tails bouncing in the air."


Basket Of Carrots

A basket of carrots is a delightful collective noun phrase referring to a group of fresh, vibrant, and crisp carrots arranged neatly in a container predominantly made of woven materials, such as straw, cane, or wicker. This plural noun phrase beautifully ...

Example sentence

"The farmer carefully placed the fresh harvest in a basket of carrots and picked it up with a satisfied smile on his face."


Basket Of Cherries

A basket of cherries is a delectable and visually satisfying assortment of one of nature's most succulent fruits. The collective noun phrase basket of cherries refers to a container filled to the brim with these vibrant, juicy treats. This imagery evokes ...

Example sentence

"The vendor at the farmer's market placed a beautiful basket of cherries on display."


Basket Of Chicks

A basket of chicks refers to a charming and delightful collective configuration of young chickens. Picture a quaint woven basket artistically filled with these fuzzy, fluffy, and endearing baby birds, evoking a sense of innocence and playfulness. This ple...

Example sentence

"A basket of chicks was chirping happily while they hopped and played together."


Basket Of Citrus Fruits

A basket of citrus fruits is a captivating collective noun phrase that vividly describes a carefully arranged assortment of bright, juicy, and prominently scented fruits. This collection typically includes a diverse range of citrus fruits such as oranges,...

Example sentence

"The market vendor arranged a beautiful display of a basket of citrus fruits, showcasing an array of vibrant oranges and lemons."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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