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A battery of collective noun examples showcases the power and impact of unity within a group. Just as cells in a battery combine their energy to generate electricity, members of a collective noun battery work together to achieve shared objectives. These examples represent different types of groups that demonstrate the importance of collective effort and collaboration. For instance, a battery of soldiers exemplifies strength, discipline, and organizational prowess, as they contribute their unique skills to accomplish military missions. Similarly, a battery of lawyers symbolizes unity and support as they pool their legal expertise to defend their clients’ interests in a courtroom. Further examples include a battery of tests, portraying an array of examinations that assess knowledge or skills, and a battery of cameras capturing an array of photos or videos simultaneously from different angles. In each case, these collective noun batteries highlight the potency and efficacy derived from harmonious teamwork.


Battery Of Algorithms

A battery of algorithms refers to a powerful assemblage of computational processes designed to deliver efficient, accurate, and sophisticated solutions to complex problems. Just like a battery stores energy, this collective noun phrase encapsulates a grou...

Example sentence

"A battery of algorithms was used to analyze the vast amount of data collected by the research team."


Battery of Artillery

A Battery of Artillery is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of cannons or artillery pieces used for military purposes. These powerful weapons, operated by trained personnel, form a cohesive unit capable of delivering devastating firepower on...

Example sentence

"The battery of artillery rolled onto the battlefield, their cannons glinting in the sunlight."


Battery Of Artists

A battery of artists refers to a group or assembly of talented individuals engaged in creative endeavors. This collective noun epitomizes the collaborative energy and unity that arises when artists come together to showcase their various art forms and exp...

Example sentence

"The battery of artists gathered at the gallery, discussing their latest techniques and artistic inspirations."


Battery Of Athletes

A battery of athletes refers to a gathering or group of highly skilled and competitive individuals engaged in various sports and athletic endeavors. This collective noun phrase vividly visualizes a synergistic unit that symbolizes strength, precision, and...

Example sentence

"The battery of athletes lined up on the field, ready to give their all in the upcoming competition."


Battery of Barracuda

A battery of barracuda refers to a fascinating collective noun phrase that describes a group or gathering of these predatory fish. Barracudas are known for their fierce physical abilities including their sharp teeth and exceptional speed, which makes enco...

Example sentence

"A battery of barracuda swiftly swam through the coral reef, their sleek bodies shining in the sunlight."


Battery Of Cameras

A battery of cameras is an awe-inspiring sight for any photography enthusiast, filmmaking crew, or technology enthusiast. It refers to a group of cameras, typically of various types and sizes, gathered together for a specific purpose or event. Whether it ...

Example sentence

"The battery of cameras captured every moment of the film shoot."


Battery Of Cannons

A battery of cannons is a visually striking and formidable display of military power. This collective noun phrase refers to a group or collection of cannons gathered, most commonly arranged in a row or an organized formation. With their imposing size, wei...

Example sentence

"The battery of cannons thundered in the distance, announcing the arrival of the cavalry."


Battery Of Challenges

A battery of challenges is a term used to refer to a series or collection of tough or difficult tasks, obstacles, or problems that arise simultaneously or in rapid succession. Just as a battery supplies energy to power multiple devices, a battery of chall...

Example sentence

"The team was prepared to face a battery of challenges in the upcoming competition."


Battery Of Charges

A battery of charges is a legal term used to describe a group of multiple charges or accusations that have been filed against an individual. The term battery in this context signifies an assortment or collection of charges, resembling a group of interconn...

Example sentence

"The battery of charges against the defendant included theft, assault, and fraud."


Battery Of Chefs

A battery of chefs is a charismatic and dynamic collection or group of highly skilled culinary professionals who have honed their talents, expertise, and creativity in the art of cooking. These chefs come together to form an exceptional and formidable tea...

Example sentence

"A battery of chefs worked tirelessly in the kitchen, seamlessly preparing a five-course meal for the esteemed guests."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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