[59] A Bevy of Examples: Exploring Collective Noun Usage with 'Bevy'

A bevy is a collective noun used to describe a particular group of animals, usually when they are together in large numbers. Although "bevy" can be applied to various creatures, it is most commonly associated with birds. When a bevy is used to refer to a group of birds, it implies both camaraderie and exuberant behavior among the members. For instance, a bevy of wild ducks can often be spotted skimming the surface of a pond or river, their synchronized movements indicative of their shared nature and strong social bonds. Similarly, a bevy of quails may gallivant through open fields or take shelter under shrubs, displaying an almost balletic synchrony in their movements. In non-avian contexts, the word "bevy" can represent a gathering of other animals, such as a bevy of hedgehogs snuffling around for food, or a bevy of deer grazing peacefully in a meadow. Moreover, "bevy" can extend beyond the realm of the animal kingdom. It can also describe a group of human beings engaged in lively social interaction, such as a bevy of ecstatic concert-goers pulsating to their favorite music or a bevy of giggling friends huddled together at a coffee shop. In all these instances, the use of the collective noun 'bevy' highlights the concept of unity, conviviality, and mutual activity among these groups, emphasizing their shared experiences and interconnectedness.


Bevy of Activities

A bevy of activities is a vibrant, energetic and diverse assortment of various events, tasks, or pastimes taking place simultaneously, all occurring within the same time frame or location. This collective noun captures the idea of a busy, bustling environ...

Example sentence

"During summer vacation, the resort provides a bevy of activities for guests to enjoy, including swimming, hiking, and paddleboarding."


Bevy of Actresses

A bevy of actresses is a captivating and dazzling sight to behold, describing a group or gathering of exceptional female performers in the world of theater, film, or television. This collective noun phrase captures the exuberant energy and vivacity emanat...

Example sentence

"A bevy of actresses lined the red carpet, adding charm and glamour to the film premiere."


Bevy of Artists

A bevy of artists refers to a gathering or group of talented individuals who are generally engaged in creating artistic works. It signifies a diverse and vibrant assemblage of individuals dedicated to their craft, often encompassing various art forms such...

Example sentence

"A bevy of artists displayed their talents at the art gallery, showcasing an impressive variety of styles and mediums."


Bevy Of Aunts

A bevy of aunts refers to a charming and tight-knit group of women who are related to an individual through blood, marriage, or long-standing friendships. This collective noun phrase captures the spirit of sisterhood, humour, and nurturing bonds that typi...

Example sentence

"My bevy of aunts all gathered for our family reunion, their laughter filling the room with love and joy."


Bevy of Beauties

A bevy of beauties is a charming collective noun phrase often used to describe a group of exceptionally attractive and captivating individuals, typically women. It conveys an image of an assembly or cluster adorned with grace, elegance, and allure, who ca...

Example sentence

"At the talent competition, a bevy of beauties took the stage, showcasing their grace and elegance."


Bevy Of Budgerigars

A bevy of budgerigars refers to a captivating sight of these small, vibrant birds congregating as a group. Budgerigars, popularly known as budgies or parakeets, are widely cherished for their cheerful antics, stunning assortment of colors, and lively chir...

Example sentence

"A bevy of budgerigars flew gracefully through the open sky, their vibrant feathers shimmering under the sun's rays."


Bevy Of Bunnies

A bevy of bunnies refers to a delightful and charming gathering of rabbits. It invokes an image of a lively group of these furry creatures bustling around together in an open meadow or a peaceful garden. Just like their individual counterparts, a bevy of ...

Example sentence

"A bevy of bunnies was peacefully hopping around in the meadow, their soft fur glistening under the golden sun."


Bevy Of Cattle

A bevy of cattle is a lively and dynamic group consisting of a large number of domestic bovine animals, typically cows or bulls. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the sheer magnitude and energy of the gathering, highlighting the captivating sight and...

Example sentence

"I spotted a bevy of cattle grazing peacefully in the meadow."


Bevy Of Chamois

A bevy of chamois refers to a group or gathering of these elegant and agile mountain-dwelling mammals. Chamois are known for their distinctive physical features like their short, brown fur, graceful stature, and curved horns, which are present in both mal...

Example sentence

"While hiking in the rugged Alpine region, I came across a bevy of chamois gracefully leaping across the rocky terrain."


Bevy Of Chickens

A bevy of chickens is a mesmerizing sight to behold. It refers to a delightful gathering or group of chickens nestled within their natural habitat. This idyllic scene usually consists of a variety of colorful plumages, comb crowns dancing in harmony, and ...

Example sentence

"I saw a bevy of chickens grazing in the yard next door."

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