[1] Cadge Craze: Unveiling Entertaining Examples of Collective Nouns

A collective noun is a singular noun used to refer to a group of individuals or things. While most collective nouns represent common or readily accessible terms for groups, there are instances where unique or lesser-known collective nouns are used. Cadge, as a verb, refers to the act of obtaining something without any intention of paying for it, typically in a sly or beguiling manner. However, it can also serve as a noun referring to a collection of a particular group of creatures or objects. Here are a few examples of collective noun usage with the word "cadge":

1. A cadge of beggars: This term is utilized to describe a gathering of beggars who often move together as a group, using coordinated efforts to secure alms or donations. They might follow a particular route, occupy designated areas, or operate in a syndicate-like manner.

2. A cadge of crows: crows are known for their intelligence and resourcefulness, often relying on collective behavior for survival. A cadge of crows refers to a flock or group of these black birds gathered together, often seen searching for food, communicating through various calls, and displaying complex social characteristics.

4. A cadge of freeloaders: This phrase refers to a collection of individuals who habitually depend on others for essential goods, services, or financial support. These freeloaders constantly seek to obtain resources from others without contributing anything substantial in return.

5. A cadge of collectors: In some hobbies, enthusiasts acquire items by dubious means, exploiting unsuspecting or naïve sellers. Such individuals are referred to as "cadge collectors," forming their own communities where they exchange tips, tricks, and stories of successful acquisitions obtained through manipulating sellers' ignorance.

While the examples above compensate for the limited use of "cadge" as a collective noun, it's important to note that these might not be widely recognized terms. Nonetheless, they highlight the creative potential of language and demonstrate how interesting concepts can be expressed through the clever use of collective nouns.


Cadge of Falcons

A cadge of falcons is a captivating sight, a gathering of these majestic birds that evokes a sense of admiration and wonderment. This collective noun phrase, used to describe a group of falcons, perfectly encapsulates their regal and awe-inspiring presenc...

Example sentence

"A cadge of falcons gracefully soared through the clear blue sky, their wingspan creating an impressive spectacle."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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