[45] A Cartload of Wonder: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Featuring 'Cartload'

A cartload is a term that refers to a specific amount or quantity of objects that can be carried or transported in a cart. In the context of collective nouns, it is often used to describe a large group or gathering of particular items or things that can, metaphorically, be carried or transported in a cart. These items can range from physical objects and abstract ideas to living beings. Some common collective noun examples using the word "cartload" include:

1. Cartload of books: A multitude of books piled together in a cart, often representing an extensive library or a vast amount of knowledge.

2. Cartload of vegetables: A collection of various fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, loaded onto a cart, perhaps symbolizing a bountiful harvest or an abundance of nutritious food.

3. Cartload of treasures: A trove of valuable items or antiquities stored and transported in a cart, hinting at a storehouse filled with priceless artifacts or expensive valuables.

4. Cartload of memories: A cluster of memories or reminiscences loaded metaphorically onto a cart, portraying a mind filled with countless recollections and experiences.

5. Cartload of paperwork: A heap of documents, files, or administrative records gathered in a cart, signifying a substantial administrative load or an excessive amount of office work.

6. Cartload of laughter: A mass of joyful laughter, implying an atmosphere filled with amusement and mirth where a great deal of laughter can be harvested, similar to the capacity of a cart.

These examples demonstrate how the collective noun "cartload" can be employed to convey a considerable quantity or gathering of various objects or intangible concepts depicted as being carried or transported in a cart-like container.


Cartload Of Apples

A cartload of apples refers to a group or collection of apples that is large enough to be transported in a cart. It emphasizes the abundance and quantity of apples, suggesting that there are so many apples that they require a cart for transport. The phras...

Example sentence

"The farmers brought a cartload of apples to the farmer's market."


Cartload Of Baskets

A cartload of baskets refers to a grouping or collection of several baskets, usually too many to carry by hand alone, being transported together on a cart or similar mode of transportation. This imaginative collective noun phrase highlights the abundance ...

Example sentence

"The workers carefully unloaded a cartload of baskets filled with fresh vegetables at the market."


Cartload Of Beads

A cartload of beads is a picturesque collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid image of abundance and diversity. It refers to a large quantity of beads, usually transported or displayed in a traditional cart. This captivating phrase conjures up visions...

Example sentence

"The artisan brought a cartload of beads to the market to sell."


Cartload Of Berries

A cartload of berries is a delightful and bountiful sight, evoking images of abundance, seasonal splendor, and the joys of nature's bounty. This unique collective noun phrase represents a picturesque collection of berries amassed in a cart or wagon, ensur...

Example sentence

"The children ran happily towards the field, their buckets ready to collect a cartload of berries."


Cartload Of Books

A cartload of books refers to a large quantity of books that is sufficient to fill or overload a cart. This collective noun phrase vividly captures the visual imagery of countless books being stacked and organized into a single cart, emphasizing the sheer...

Example sentence

"The librarian rushed through the aisle wheeling a cartload of books, stacked high and seemingly ready to topple."


Cartload Of Bottles

A cartload of bottles is a descriptive and vivid collective noun phrase used to portray an image of numerous bottles loaded onto a cart. It conjures the idea of an abundance or an overwhelming quantity of bottles that fill or almost overflow a conveyance ...

Example sentence

"The workers unloaded a cartload of bottles outside the warehouse."


Cartload Of Bricks

A cartload of bricks is an evocative collective noun phrase that conjures up images of strength, practicality, and industriousness. It refers to the quantity of bricks that can be transported on a cart or wagon, laden with these rectangular building block...

Example sentence

"The workers unloaded a cartload of bricks onto the construction site."


Cartload Of Candies

A cartload of candies is a delightful and enticing sight to behold. The phrase refers to a large quantity or a multitude of candies being transported or contained within a cart. Picture a robust and sturdy cart, filled to the brim with an abundance of col...

Example sentence

"I walked into the candy store and was overwhelmed by a cartload of candies, stacked high and arranged in colorful displays."


Cartload of Chimpanzees

A cartload of chimpanzees refers to a vibrant and lively gathering of these intelligent primates. The term cartload adds a sense of bulk and capacity, indicating a substantial number of chimpanzees moving or gathered together. With their energetic demeano...

Example sentence

"The zookeeper struggled to contain a cartload of chimpanzees as they energetically swung and jumped around."


Cartload Of Chocolates

A cartload of chocolates refers to a large quantity of delicious confectionery that fills a cart or any other large container. This expressive collective noun embraces the idea of abundance, depicting a happy sight to behold for chocolate enthusiasts and ...

Example sentence

"I purchased a cartload of chocolates to give as presents on Valentine's Day."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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