[6] The Cartonific Collection: Exploring the World of Collective Nouns with 'Carton'

A carton, essentially a container made out of sturdy paper or cardboard, can be associated with various collective noun examples.

One such example is a carton of eggs. In this context, a carton acts as a container holding a dozen or more eggs. eggs are fragile and need proper packaging to prevent breakage; hence, they are commonly stored and transported in cartons.

Another collective noun exemplified by the word carton is a carton of milk. In this case, a carton refers to a container holding one or more liters of milk. Cartons are typically more durable than milk jugs or bottles, and they often come with a pour spout for convenient consumption.

Additionally, the term carton can describe a collective noun for several boxes filled with packaged goods. For instance, a carton of cereal would refer to a set of individual cereal boxes bundled together for distribution or selling purposes.

Overall, the word carton is frequently associated with collective nouns that depict the consolidation of similar items within a paper or cardboard-based container, such as a carton of eggs, a carton of milk, or a carton of cereal.


Carton of Apples

A carton of apples refers to a group or collection of individual apples packed and contained within a carton. A versatile and commonly used term, it typically signifies apples being transported or sold together as a unit. The size of the carton can vary, ...

Example sentence

"I bought a carton of apples from the grocery store for my apple pie recipe."


Carton of Bananas

A carton of bananas refers to a gathering or grouping of bananas that are packaged together in a cardboard container commonly known as a carton. This collective noun phrase is used to describe a specific quantity or arrangement of bananas, typically seen ...

Example sentence

"I bought a carton of bananas from the grocery store to stock up for the week."


Carton of Berries

A carton of berries is a delightful ensemble of plump, luscious fruits, collected and carefully packaged in a paper or plastic container. This collective noun phrase aptly describes the perfect combination of various types of edible, colorful, and nutriti...

Example sentence

"I bought a carton of berries to make a fresh fruit salad for breakfast."


Carton Of Eggs

A carton of eggs is a collective noun phrase that refers to a grouping or container filled with individual eggs. Typically made of paper or plastic, a carton is designed to securely hold and protect the delicate eggs during transportation and storage. It ...

Example sentence

"I bought a carton of eggs from the grocery store."


Carton Of Pastries

A carton of pastries refers to a collection or grouping of various types of baked goods that are packaged together in a carton or box. This collective noun phrase is often used to describe a commercially packaged assortment of pastries, such as croissants...

Example sentence

"The bakery delivered a fresh carton of pastries to our office this morning."


Carton Of Plums

A carton of plums refers to a specific quantity or container filled with plums. Plums are delicious and juicy fruits known for their rich taste and vibrant color. In a carton of plums, usually made of cardboard or plastic, these succulent fruits are caref...

Example sentence

"I spotted a carton of plums at the grocery store and couldn't resist picking it up."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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