[14] LOLs in a Crowd: Unmasking Collective Nouns for Comedians

A collective noun for comedians is often referred to as a "gaggle" or an "ensemble" of comedians. These terms aptly capture the vibrant energy and camaraderie that comedy performers share when they gather together. A gaggle of comedians represents a flurried mix of wit, jest, and humor, where each member contributes their unique style and perspective to create laughter and amusement. Just like a flock of birds who harmoniously migrate through the skies, an ensemble of comedians seamlessly engages the audience with their quick wit, hilarious jokes, and engaging storytelling, ensuring a continuous stream of laughter and enjoyment. Whether these comedians are performing in a comedy club, working together in a comedy sketch group, or sharing the stage in a stand-up comedy show, the collective noun accurately reflects the collective hilarity and entertainment that comes from these talented individuals sharing their comedic genius and creating a truly memorable experience for all.


Band of Comedians

A band of comedians refers to a group or assembly of humorous performers who come together to entertain and delight audiences through laughter and amusement. These highly skilled individuals share a common goal of creating laughter, often applying their w...

Example sentence

"The band of comedians gathered backstage, rehearsing their jokes and one-liners."


Cast Of Comedians

A cast of comedians refers to a group of individuals who specialize in the art of comedy and perform together to create laughter, joy, and entertainment. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the collaborative aspect and versatility of these comedic tale...

Example sentence

"The cast of comedians rehearsed tirelessly to perfect their performances for the upcoming comedy festival."


Company Of Comedians

A Company of Comedians refers to a group or ensemble of skilled professionals whose collective expertise lies in entertaining others through humorous acts, skits, and performances. This term particularly applies to a gathering of individuals dedicated to ...

Example sentence

"A Company of Comedians brought a wave of laughter to the small town, entertaining the locals with their witty jokes and hilarious performances."


Ensemble Of Comedians

Ensemble of Comedians is a dynamic and vibrant collective noun phrase that encapsulates the energy, wit, and skill of a group of comedic performers. Consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds and comedic styles, this ensemble comes together to ent...

Example sentence

"The ensemble of comedians put on a hilarious show that had the entire audience laughing non-stop."


Gaggle Of Comedians

A gaggle of comedians is a vibrant and energetic assembly of individuals who possess a remarkable talent for laughter and amusement. This captivating collective noun phrase refers to a group of individuals who excel in the art of jokes, storytelling, and ...

Example sentence

"The comedy club was bustling with a gaggle of comedians, all sharing jokes and hilarious anecdotes backstage."


Gang Of Comedians

A gang of comedians is a phrase used to describe a group of individuals who professionally engage in the art of comedy. Sharing a common goal of making people laugh, these comedians come together to create an energetic and entertaining collective. Whether...

Example sentence

"The gang of comedians dominated the stage, bringing a burst of laughter to the audience."


Giggle Of Comedians

A giggle of comedians is a collective noun phrase used to describe a specific grouping of individuals who specialize in the art of comedy. The term giggle is befitting as it suggests the contagious laughter and amusement their performances elicit from aud...

Example sentence

"A giggle of comedians arrived at the comedy club, ready to make the audience laugh."


Hullabaloo Of Comedians

A hullabaloo of comedians refers to a lively and uproarious group of individuals renowned for their comedic talents. Comedians are known for their ability to employ humor, wit, and sharp observation to provoke laughter and entertain their audiences. When ...

Example sentence

"A hullabaloo of comedians filled the comedy club, as they vied for attention and delivered uproarious jokes one after the other."


Irony Of Comedians

Irony of Comedians is a captivating collective noun phrase that represents a group of talented individuals who possess a unique ability to use irony to precisely craft humor. Comprised of quick-witted jesters and comedic geniuses, this remarkable assembly...

Example sentence

"The Irony of Comedians was evident when the audience burst into laughter at a tragic joke."


Mischief Of Comedians

A mischief of comedians is a delightful and whimsical phrase used to describe a group of professional jesters and entertainers whose primary aim is to provoke laughter and amusement. Just as mischievous individuals often bring laughter through their antic...

Example sentence

"A mischief of comedians gathered on stage to deliver an evening of laughter and entertainment."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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