[43] Compilation of Collective Noun Examples: Unleashing the Charm of Common Expressions

A compilation is composed of different elements gathered together to form a unified whole. When used as a collective noun, it refers to a group or collection of diverse individuals or objects that are brought together for a specific purpose or shared characteristic. Similar to an anthology or a mixtape, a compilation often consists of various contributions or selections that are carefully curated into a single entity.

Examples of collective nouns with the word "compilation" include:

1. Album Compilation: In the music industry, there are many compilation albums released, showcasing tracks from several artists or various genres. These albums aim to offer a diverse selection of songs or genres, providing listeners with a comprehensive overview of certain themes or styles.

2. Recipe Compilation: Cookbooks or recipe websites often publish compilation collections, where they combine a variety of recipes from different chefs or sources. These compilations allow people to explore versatile culinary options and explore a range of flavors and cooking techniques.

3. Time Capsule Compilation: When creating a time capsule, people often contribute several objects or documents that represent certain aspects of a specific time period or community. All these contributions are compiled and sealed together to be opened in the future, giving a collective snapshot of a particular moment in history.

4. Art Compilation: Art galleries might organize exhibitions involving a compilation of diverse artworks from multiple artists. These compilations aim to highlight different artistic mediums, styles, and themes within a single space, providing viewers with a comprehensive visual experience.

5. Literary Compilation: An anthology or a literary compilation is made up of various written works such as poems, short stories, essays, or excerpts from different authors. These compilations are often themed or focused on a particular genre, allowing readers to explore a wide range of perspectives and creative expressions.

Overall, a compilation is a cohesive collection that brings together disparate elements or contributions into a unified entity, allowing for a broader and more comprehensive experience in various fields such as music, arts, literature, and beyond.


Compilation Of Adventure

Compilation of Adventure refers to a gathering or assemblage of various thrilling and daring expeditions, quests, and escapades compiled together. It represents a rich collection of heart-stopping, action-packed, and adrenaline-inducing adventures, all in...

Example sentence

"The compilation of adventure novels on display at the library was mesmerizing."


Compilation Of Adventures

A compilation of adventures refers to a carefully curated collection of various thrilling, exciting, and memorable experiences or exploits. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a wide array of journeys, quests, or escapades that have been assembled wi...

Example sentence

"The compilation of adventures in the book was truly captivating, taking the reader on a whirlwind journey through various realms and dimensions."


Compilation Of Ceremonies

A Compilation of Ceremonies refers to a unique and diverse gathering or collection of various formalized events and rituals. This collective noun phrase encompasses a wide range of significant and celebratory activities encompassing traditions, customs, a...

Example sentence

"The compilation of ceremonies showcased the rich cultural diversity of the community."


Compilation Of Charts

A compilation of charts refers to the gathering or collection of various visual or graphical representations of information or data. This collective noun phrase represents a diverse set of informative visuals, typically organized to illustrate different a...

Example sentence

"The Compilation of Charts presented the latest financial data from various industries."


Compilation Of Debates

A Compilation of Debates refers to a comprehensive collection or a series of discussions, typically formal and structured in nature. It can encompass a variety of topics such as political, social, scientific, or philosophical debates that have been previo...

Example sentence

"The compilation of debates provides a comprehensive review of the diverse points of view brought to light during discussions on pressing issues."


Compilation Of Definitions

A Compilation of Definitions is a rich collection and assortment of various meanings or explanations gathered or assembled together in one comprehensive source. It serves as a valuable resource that consolids different definitions pertaining to a specific...

Example sentence

"A compilation of definitions can be found in a dictionary or specialized reference sources."


Compilation Of Departments

A compilation of departments refers to a group or collection of various departments within an organization or institution that work together towards a common goal. This cohesive unit represents diverse sectors, each contributing specialized expertise, ski...

Example sentence

"The Compilation of Departments worked collaboratively to develop a comprehensive strategy for cost reduction."


Compilation Of Discoveries

A Compilation of Discoveries refers to a comprehensive and extensive collection or gathering of various findings, breakthroughs, and knowledge from diverse fields, disciplines, or areas of research. This collective noun phrase suggests a meticulously cura...

Example sentence

"The compilation of discoveries from various research expeditions offers a wealth of new insights into the biodiversity of deep-sea ecosystems."


Compilation Of Documents

A compilation of documents is a collective noun phrase that refers to a collection of written materials or records that have been gathered together in one place. It may include various forms of written content such as reports, articles, or papers, gathere...

Example sentence

"The compilation of documents was an extensive collection of research papers on climate change."


Compilation Of Drawers

A Compilation of Drawers refers to a unique and visually appealing group of storage units, specifically designed to house a wide range of items. This collective noun phrase describes a gathering or collection of various drawers that can be found within fu...

Example sentence

"I saw a beautiful compilation of drawers at the antique store, each with its own unique design and woodwork."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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