[1] The Cozy World of Conies: Unveiling the Enchanting Collective Nouns for These Adorable Creatures

A collective noun for conies is a "warren." Conies, which are small mammals belonging to the same family as rabbits and hares, typically live in groups consisting of several individuals, known as a warren. These social animals build their homes, known as burrows or warrens, underground. The warren provides shelter, protection, and a place for breeding. Within the warren, each individual plays a specific role, and they work collectively to ensure the survival and sustainability of their community. Despite their small size, conies exhibit remarkable teamwork and cooperation within their warrens, allowing them to thrive in various habitats worldwide.


Bury of Conies

A bury of conies is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a specific group of rabbits or hares. Derived from old English and stemming from the word burrow, which signifies the habitat of rabbits, bury thoroughly captures the essence of the...

Example sentence

"A bury of conies hopped gracefully through the meadow, their fluffy tails bouncing in the sunlight."

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