[2] Unleashing Your Linguistic Cord: Exploring the Remarkable World of Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are specific terms used to describe a group of people, animals, or things, acting together as one unit. In the context of the word "cord," various collective noun examples arise that highlight different activities, occasions, or sets of items that share a common thread relating to cords.

1. Clutch of cords: This collective noun denotes a group of cords, typically used to empower various electronic devices. Found commonly around households, offices, or any tech-savvy environment, a clutch of cords symbolizes a chaotic yet essential entity that comprises chargers, HDMI cables, USB cords, and various other connectors. This collective noun reflects our dependence on technology and the multitude of cords necessary to fuel our digital lifestyles.

2. Conspiracy of cords: Putting forth a mysterious and intriguing imagery, this collective noun presents a group of cords serving as the backbone for concealed or undisclosed activities. Perhaps associated with espionage or backstage operations, a conspiracy of cords ensnares an ensemble of cables used to set up intricate systems, security arrangements, or complex stages. The term emphasizes the strategic significance of cords in clandestine endeavors and functioning behind the scenes.

3. Tangle of cords: Evoking a vivid mental image of a perplexing entanglement, this collective noun depicts cords caught up in a chaotic and knotted configuration. Often encountered when untangling headphones or power cords, a tangle of cords symbolizes disarray and confusion. This term serves as a metaphor for any situation or scenario where components are inexplicably and intricately interwoven.

4. array of cords: Signifying an expansive and organized collection, an array of cords alludes to multiple wires gathered and preserved systematically. Projects or industries requiring extensive electrical equipment, such as sound engineers, music studios, or data centers, can showcase an array of cords linked together to enable seamless connectivity. The term highlights the strategic arrangement necessary to provide operative and efficient communication channels.

5. bunch of cords: This collective noun straightforwardly refers to a cluster of multiple cords assembled together, either belonging to a single device or representing an amalgamation of devices. Often witnessed in disorganized storage spaces, like a cluttered drawer or tangled countertop, a bunch of cords emphasizes our tendency to accumulate multiple cables unplugged from their respective sources, waiting to be sorted or discarded.

In conclusion, collective noun examples with the word "cord" magnify the versatility, significance, and diverse contexts where cords play a prominent role, be it in technology, secrecy


Cord of String

A cord of string refers to a specific unit of measurement used to quantify an assortment of string material gathered or organized together. Typically, a cord of string can include various types of string, such as cotton, nylon, hemp, or even metallic thre...

Example sentence

"The craft room was well-stocked with a cord of string of different colors and thicknesses."


Cord Of Timber

A cord of timber is a widely recognized and commonly used term in the realm of forestry. It refers to a specific quantity or volume of stacked and tightly bound logs or firewood, typically measuring 4 feet in height, 4 feet in depth, and 8 feet in length....

Example sentence

"A cord of timber was gathered and neatly stacked in preparation for the winter season."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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