[2] Flight of Curlews vs. Skein of Curlews: Demystifying Collective Nouns for These Graceful Waders

A collective noun for curlews is a flock. A flock of curlews refers to a grouping of these long-legged wading birds that are known for their distinct downward-curved bills and haunting, melodic calls. Curlews typically form flocks during winter and migration periods when they gather in large numbers to feed, rest, or navigate their way across vast distances. These flocks can consist of various species of curlews, bringing together these elegant shorebirds in harmonious unity. As they congregate in fields, marshes, estuaries, or even along coasts, a flock of curlews showcases the relentless beauty of nature and the collective resilience of these fascinating avian creatures.


Covey Of Curlews

A covey of curlews refers to a striking assembly of these elegant, long-legged birds. Curlews belong to the shorebird family and are primarily found in coastal areas, wetlands, and grassy plains across various parts of the world. This collective noun refl...

Example sentence

"As they soared above the marshlands, a covey of curlews created a mesmerizing spectacle against the golden sunset."


Herd of Curlews

A herd of curlews is a captivating collective noun phrase that brings to mind a remarkable sight of nature's beauty. Curlews, graceful and elegant shorebirds, with their long, curved bills and uniquely haunting calls, gather together in groups known as he...

Example sentence

"A herd of Curlews appeared gracefully at the water's edge, probing the mud for food with their slender bills."

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