[40] Deck out your Vocabulary: Exploring the Sea of Collective Noun Examples with 'Deck'

A deck is a term used to refer to a flat surface typically made of wood or other materials that is leveled adjacent to a building or a ship. However, when we mention collective nouns with the word "deck," a different concept emerges. Like intriguing quirks of the English language, "deck" can also serve as a collective noun to describe a group or assembly of certain elements or animals. These collective noun examples all stem from nautical origins and add a touch of maritime flavor to the linguistic landscape.

1. Deck of Cards: Perhaps the most well-known usage of "deck" as a collective noun, this refers to the full set of 52 playing cards used in card games. Shuffling and dealing a deck of cards can bring forth an evening of entertainment and challenge.

2. Deck of Ships: This collective noun specifically characterizes a group of ships sailing together in a formation, often seen during historical events or naval parades. A deck of ships exemplifies an awe-inspiring sight, displaying maritime strength and unity.

3. Deck of Planes: Applied to military aircraft carriers, a deck of planes describes the assortment of aircraft stationed and operated on the deck. Complete with fighter jets, helicopters, and various support aircraft, a deck of planes denotes the power and versatility of naval aviation.

4. Deck of Hounds: In the past, hunting parties would employ a breed of dogs known as hounds to aid them in tracing and capturing game animals. A deck of hounds beautifully describes a group of hunting dogs running together, exhibiting their agility and unmatched scent tracking abilities.

5. Deck of Locomotives: Drawing inspiration from the rail industry, the concept of a deck of locomotives denotes a cluster of locomotives grouped together, specifically at a railway yard or depot. As steam engines or modern electric-powered trains stand assembled side by side, a deck of locomotives assumes a striking presence reminiscent of their technological prowess.

Collective nouns featuring the word "deck" captivate our imagination by fusing the language of the sea with collective representation. From card games to powerful warships, these examples embrace outdoor adventures, teamwork, and the essence of group dynamics in a singularly naval tone.


Deck Of Barbecues

A Deck of Barbecues refers to a group of standard-size gas or charcoal barbecues brought together on a deck or outdoor patio setting. This collective noun phrase illustrates a vibrant and inviting image of a well-equipped space where multiple barbecues ar...

Example sentence

"A deck of barbecues was set up at the park, ready for the summer cookout."


Deck Of Boatswains

A deck of boatswains is a unique and captivating collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid image of a group of skilled maritime professionals gathered on the deck of a ship. The term deck refers to the main outdoor area of a ship, where various activit...

Example sentence

"A deck of boatswains stood in perfect formation, ready to carry out their orders."


Deck Of Cards

A deck of cards is a collective noun phrase that typically refers to a complete set or collection of playing cards. Comprising of 52 cards, a standard deck is made up of four suits including hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, with each suit containing A...

Example sentence

"A deck of cards was scattered across the table, ready for a game of poker."


Deck Of Celebrations

A Deck of Celebrations is a vibrantly balanced and joyfully united collective noun phrase that represents a group of various festive occasions, milestones, and cherished moments. It showcases the upheld spirits, countless blessings, and enchanting experie...

Example sentence

"A deck of celebrations filled the air with excitement and joy as people gathered to commemorate the anniversary of their community."


Deck Of Cocktails

A Deck of Cocktails refers to a creative and captivating selection of mixed drinks served in a specific setting or atmosphere. This unique collective noun phrase conjures imagery of a well-stocked deck - such as a deck of cards - showcasing a diverse arra...

Example sentence

"A deck of cocktails emerged as the talented bartender showcased his skills, blending flavors into exquisite creations."


Deck Of Crew

Deck of Crew is a captivating and dynamic collective noun phrase that aptly describes a gathered group of skilled individuals working together on a ship's deck. These exceptional crew members are fully adept at navigating the intricacies of sailing and br...

Example sentence

"The deck of crew is anxiously waiting for instructions from the captain before embarking on their next adventure."


Deck Of Crew Members

A deck of crew members refers to a group or assembly of individuals who share the common goal of managing, operating, and maintaining a ship, boat, or any type of vessel. Just like each card in a deck brings a unique value to a card game, each crew member...

Example sentence

"A deck of crew members gathered on the ship's deck, preparing for a day of hard work at sea."


Deck Of Deckhands

Deck of Deckhands is a unique collective noun phrase that effectively paints the picture of a lively and energetic group of individuals working together on a deck of a ship or a boat. It brings to mind the image of a team of skilled and dedicated sailors,...

Example sentence

"A deck of deckhands carefully secured the ship's rigging before setting sail."


Deck Of Delights

Deck of Delights refers to an exquisite assemblage or collection of various elements, materials, or subjects that embody joy, pleasure, fascination, and endless enjoyment. Much like a deck of cards waiting to be revealed and explore, this collective noun ...

Example sentence

"The boutique offered visitors a deck of delights, with a charming collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories."


Deck Of Discoveries

Deck of Discoveries refers to a fascinating collective noun phrase that uniquely represents a group of wondrous items or ideas waiting to be explored. Imagined as a metaphorical deck of cards, each filled with an intriguing discovery, this phrase encapsul...

Example sentence

"A deck of discoveries can be found at our local museum, showcasing rare artifacts and fascinating historical objects."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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