[38] Discovering the Power of Unity: Collective Noun Examples with the Word Division

Division, as a collective noun, refers to a group or unit that is part of a larger organization or entity, usually engaged in a specific task, pursuit, or specialization. Within the context of organizations or institutions, division presents a common term to efficiently categorize and manage different segments or branches that come together to achieve a common objective. These segments or branches maintain operational independence or exhibit varied levels of autonomy while remaining under the umbrella of the larger entity. Collective noun examples with the word division include police divisions, military divisions, academic divisions, corporate divisions, government divisions, and healthcare divisions, among others. These examples emphasize the diverse range of domains in which divisions exist and highlight how a collective framework unifies the constituent segments, ultimately contributing to the functioning and success of the greater whole.


Division Of Advocates

The Division of Advocates is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a unified group of dedicated individuals working towards legal empowerment, justice, and the protection of human rights. Comprised of experienced, skilled lawyers and legal profession...

Example sentence

"The Division of Advocates consists of highly trained and experienced legal professionals."


Division Of Aeroplanes

The Division of Aeroplanes is a fascinating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of airplanes working together for a common purpose. This division denotes a tactical unit or squadron within an air force, airline, or aviation organization that is ...

Example sentence

"The Division of Aeroplanes includes a multitude of different aircraft models and sizes, working together to contribute towards efficient transportation."


Division Of Artillery

A division of artillery refers to a specialized unit within a military force that specializes in the use and management of artillery weapons. This collective noun phrase signifies a cohesive group of skilled and trained individuals, including officers, op...

Example sentence

"The Division of Artillery comprises skilled soldiers responsible for the operation and maintenance of various artillery weapons."


Division Of Athletes

A division of athletes refers to a group of individuals who compete in various sports and athletic activities at the professional or amateur level. This collective noun phrase encompasses the diverse range of talented individuals who participate in a spec...

Example sentence

"The Division of Athletes impressed the audience with their outstanding performances at the championship."


Division Of Basketball Players

A division of basketball players refers to a group of individuals who play basketball professionally or competitively, typically belonging to a specific classification within the basketball hierarchy such as a league or conference. In a division, players ...

Example sentence

"The Division of Basketball Players participated in the annual tournament, showcasing their remarkable skills and teamwork."


Division Of Boats

A division of boats refers to a grouping or unit of various water vessels that are organized together for a specific purpose. This collective noun phrase often encompasses a fleet, squadron, or battalion of boats, suggesting a strategic and organized unit...

Example sentence

"The Division of Boats was tasked with patrolling the river and ensuring the safety of the waterway."


Division Of Boxers

A division of boxers refers to a group or collection of individual boxers, uniting under a common goal or purpose. The term division brings to mind the competitive realm of boxing where fighters are organized into weight classes. An assembly of boxers wit...

Example sentence

"The Division of Boxers competed fiercely in the national championship, showcasing their skills and determination."


Division Of Boys

A division of boys refers to a specific group or collection of young males who are organized together for a particular purpose or under a specific authority. This collective noun phrase is used to portray a unified and cohesive assemblage of boys, highlig...

Example sentence

"The Division of Boys gathered for their weekly meeting to discuss upcoming events and plan their fundraising activities."


Division Of Brothers

Division of Brothers is a captivating and influential collective noun phrase that encapsulates an assembly of siblings coming together with purpose and an unbreakable bond. This unique expression captures the strength, unity, and diversity typically found...

Example sentence

"The Division of Brothers consists of thirteen members, all siblings with a shared passion for music."


Division Of Captains

A division of captains refers to a group or collection of individuals who hold the prestigious rank and responsibility of being appointed as captains. Captains are leaders who are typically in charge or command of a particular unit or team within a larger...

Example sentence

"The Division of Captains gathered to discuss the strategy for the upcoming battle."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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