[28] Exploring the Diversity of Collective Nouns: Fascinating Federation Examples!

A collective noun is a word that represents a group or collection of individuals or objects. When it comes to the word "federation," it typically refers to an alliance or union of distinct entities coming together for a common purpose or benefit. Various examples of collective nouns with the word "federation" tend to emphaize teamwork, collaboration, and a shared sense of identity or goals within a larger group. Here are some prominent examples:

1. United Nations Federation: This example envisions a global consortium of independent nations voluntarily forming a federation to maintain international peace, security, and cooperation in various areas, such as economic development, human rights, and environmental conservation.

2. Tennis Federation: It represents an association that governs the sport of tennis at both national and international levels. In this case, different tennis organizations collaborate to ensure standardized rules, event coordination, player development, and championship tournaments worldwide.

3. Space Federation: Often found in science fiction, this noun describes a fictional collaboration of different celestial nations or extraterrestrial species who join forces to explore the cosmos, exchange knowledge, advance technological advancements, and protect themselves against potential threats.

4. Trade Federation: In the world of commerce, a trade federation refers to a cooperative network of businesses or organizations working together to advance trade, commerce, and economic progress. These federations often aim to enhance the business environment, provide support to member enterprises, and advocate for policies conducive to their shared industry.

5. Students' Federation: Specifically within the context of higher education, a students' federation represents a group of student associations from different colleges or universities that work collectively to address and tackle shared concerns, champion student rights, and promote educational reforms.

Overall, "federation" conjures images of diverse entities forming an alliance under a common framework, striving for collective progress, achievement, and greater effectiveness in their respective domains.


Federation Of Aeroplanes

The Federation of Aeroplanes is a prestigious and influential collective noun phrase that encompasses a diverse and extensive network of airborne vehicles. This extraordinary federation unites various types of aeroplanes, bringing them together under a co...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Aeroplanes is a governing body that oversees the regulations and safety protocols of all aircraft operations."


Federation Of Aliens

The Federation of Aliens is a term used to represent an amalgamation of extraterrestrial species who have formed a united social, political, and diplomatic alliance. This collective noun phrase encompasses an extensive and diverse community of highly adva...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Aliens convened at a secret location in outer space to discuss intergalactic cooperation."


Federation Of Anthropologists

The Federation of Anthropologists is an esteemed collective noun phrase that represents a united body of professionals in the field of anthropology. Committed to promoting scholarly research, knowledge exchange, and fostering collaboration in the discipli...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Anthropologists is an international organization that promotes collaboration and exchange of ideas among anthropologists globally."


Federation Of Basketball Players

The Federation of Basketball Players is a comprehensive and cohesive entity that represents a strong collective of professional basketball players from various leagues, teams, and countries. This inclusive organization serves as the official voice and pla...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Basketball Players has raised concerns about player safety during the current COVID-19 pandemic."


Federation Of Chiefs

The Federation of Chiefs is a powerful collective noun phrase referring to a group or assembly of chiefs. This distinguished and prestigious federation serves as a union or alliance, typically uniting chiefs from various tribes, communities, organizations...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Chiefs gathered for their annual meeting to discuss strategies for crime prevention."


Federation Of Coyotes

The Federation of Coyotes refers to a unified and organized group of coyotes living in a specific region. Comprised of multiple clans or families, the federation serves as a cohesive social structure, allowing coyotes to thrive and interact with one anoth...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Coyotes is comprised of numerous coyote packs that have united towards a common goal of protecting their territories and resources."


Federation Of Critics

The Federation of Critics is a unique collective noun phrase that defines a diverse and influential group of individuals coming together with a shared purpose—to evaluate, analyze, and provide critical perspectives on various forms of expression. Compos...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Critics awarded the film with its highest honor, recognizing its exceptional storytelling and direction."


Federation Of Departments

The Federation of Departments is a collective noun phrase representing a collaboration or alliance between multiple departments within an organization or institution. It symbolizes the unity, cooperation, and systematic functioning of various departments ...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Departments consists of several government sectors working together towards common goals."


Federation Of Experts

The Federation of Experts refers to a prestigious and influential collective noun phrase that represents a unified body of individuals who are widely recognized for their exceptional skills, knowledge, and expertise in various fields. This alliance epitom...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Experts is gathering this week to discuss advancements in the field of artificial intelligence."


Federation Of Gossips

The Federation of Gossips is a distinct collective noun phrase used to designate a particular gathering or community of gossipers. Assembled from individuals who actively engage in the art of gossip, this group encompasses a wide array of people with a co...

Example sentence

"The Federation of Gossips convened in the park every Sunday, whispering eagerly as they exchanged juicy tidbits."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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