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A "fluther" is a unique and fascinating collective noun used for a group of jellyfish. Derived from Cornish dialect, "fluther" perfectly captures the delicate and mysterious nature of these gelatinous creatures as they gracefully glide through ocean currents. This collective noun exemplifies a cluster or swarm of jellyfish moving in unison, their rhythmic pulsations creating a mesmerizing spectacle in the water. The sight of a fluther shimmering under the sunlight is both breathtaking and ethereal, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. From translucent moon jellyfish to vibrant lion's mane jellyfish, a fluther encompasses different types of these creatures coexisting together in their aquatic habitat. Seeing a fluther gracefully navigating the deep blue sea is a vivid reminder of the spectacular beauty and diversity of marine life.


Fluther of Jellyfish

A fluther of jellyfish refers to a magnificent agglomeration of these mesmerizing creatures. Fluttering elegantly through the depths of oceans and seas, they create a living tapestry of beauty. This collective noun phrase fittingly captures their gracef...

Example sentence

"A fluther of jellyfish gracefully floated through the deep blue ocean, their translucence illuminating their surroundings."

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