[77] Forming a Remarkable Collection: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

The formation of collective nouns refers to the way in which individual words come together to represent a group or collection of similar things or beings. Collective nouns are commonly used in English to describe a singular entity consisting of multiple individuals or objects. These nouns often emphasize the concept of unity and the idea that the entities within the group are acting as one unit.

Examples of collective nouns can vary significantly depending on the type of collection being described. Here are a few examples of collective nouns for different types of groups:

1. Animals: "A herd of cows", "a flock of birds", "a colony of ants", "a pack of wolves". These examples highlight how individual animals in these groups move together or have shared traits.

2. People: "A team of football players", "an orchestra of musicians", "a group of friends", "a crowd of onlookers". In these cases, individuals work together towards a common goal or simply gather in a social context.

3. Objects: "A range of mountains", "a fleet of ships", "a bunch of keys", "a portfolio of investments". Collective nouns for objects often represent a grouping based on similarities in appearance or purpose.

Collective nouns are often formed by using a specific word, such as "herd", "flock", "colony", "pack", "team", "orchestra", "crowd", "range", "fleet", "bunch", or "portfolio", followed by the of-preposition to indicate a collection of entities.

In summary, the formation of collective nouns involves combining a specific word with the preposition "of" to represent a cohesive group or collection. This concept helps us efficiently express the presence of multiple entities acting as one, highlighting the unity and shared characteristics among them.


Formation Of Aeroplanes

Formation of Aeroplanes refers to a group or gathering of multiple aircrafts arranged in a precise and coordinated manner while flying through the sky. This term typically describes a formation display performed by skilled pilots who meticulously maneuver...

Example sentence

"The formation of aeroplanes took to the sky for a breathtaking aerial display."


Formation Of Aliens

Formation of Aliens describes the extraordinary sight of a gathering or assembly of extraterrestrial beings coming together. This captivating collective noun phrase conjures imagery of unidentified cosmic creatures organizing and aligning themselves, perh...

Example sentence

"The Formation of Aliens gathered at the secret rendezvous spot, overseeing the spaceship landing."


Formation Of Artillery

Formation of Artillery is a mesmerizing collective noun phrase used to describe a group of specialized soldiers and machines, meticulously synchronized and prepared for combat or military display in a visual symphony of power. This awe-inspiring assembly ...

Example sentence

"The Formation of Artillery marched in precise order across the field, their cannons glinting in the sunlight."


Formation Of Asteroids

Formation of Asteroids: The formation of asteroids refers to the complex and intriguing process through which these rocky objects come into existence within our solar system. Asteroids are remnants of planetary materials left over from the early stages ...

Example sentence

"The formation of asteroids is believed to have occurred billions of years ago as a result of collisions between planetesimals."


Formation Of Basketball Players

The collective noun phrase Formation of Basketball Players refers to the process or act of assembling or organizing a group of individuals who possess exceptional skill, talent, and passion for the sport of basketball. This grouping or formation can occur...

Example sentence

"The formation of basketball players is a significant process that involves a combination of skill development, game strategy, and teamwork."


Formation Of Beavers

Formation of beavers is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to the fascinating process in which beavers collaborate to construct and modify their intricate aquatic habitats called beaver lodges. Beavers are widely recognized for their signatu...

Example sentence

"The formation of beavers is an impressive sight to behold as they work together to build intricate dams and lodges."


Formation Of Bikers

Formation of Bikers refers to a dynamic and exhilarating gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts, coming together to cultivate a strong bond and sense of camaraderie among passionate riders. This collective noun phrase captures the essence of unity, as like-m...

Example sentence

"The Formation of Bikers roared through the city streets, their engines blaring and exhaust pipes belching smoke."


Formation Of Bloodhounds

The Formation of Bloodhounds refers to a group of Bloodhounds that have come together with a purpose or intention, clearly displaying their instincts and abilities to track scents. As highly skilled trackers, Bloodhounds are known for their exceptional se...

Example sentence

"The Formation of Bloodhounds was an impressive sight as they lined up in perfect symmetry during the search and rescue training."


Formation Of Boats

Formation of Boats refers to a unique sight of multiple boats coming together and aligning in a synchronized manner. It is a captivating display of precision and teamwork, often seen during various water-related activities, such as boat parades or militar...

Example sentence

"The formation of boats created a stunning display on the river, as they glided side by side in perfect synchronization."


Formation Of Boys

Formation of Boys is a fascinating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the coming together of young males in various contexts. This phrase symbolizes the process through which boys unite, creating a powerful synergy that exemplifies characteristics l...

Example sentence

"The formation of boys is often seen in team sports, where they learn the importance of teamwork and discipline."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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