[6] An Army of Gnats, a Swarm of Gnats, or a Cloud of Gnats? Shedding Light on Collective Nouns for These Pesky Insects

A collective noun for a group of gnats is a cloud. These tiny insects, with numerous individuals fluttering and darting through the air in swarms, create a visual spectacle that resembles a hazy cloud. As gnats congregate in large numbers for breeding or feeding purposes, the term "cloud" effectively captures their characteristic behavior. Furthermore, this collective noun metaphorically conveys the ethereal and transient nature of gnats' presence, akin to the evanescent forms of clouds moving across the sky. Overall, referring to a group of gnats as a cloud encapsulates the captivating sight they create and emphasizes their temporary presence in a poetic and descriptive manner.


Cloud of Gnats

A cloud of gnats describes a peculiar sight of large numbers of small insects gathered together in the air, creating the illusion of a swirling cloud. Gnats are tiny flying insects often found in groups near a water source, in tall grasses, or hovering ar...

Example sentence

"As we ventured into the woods, a cloud of gnats enveloped us, buzzing irritably around our faces."


Horde of Gnats

A horde of gnats is a captivating and peculiar sight in nature. Forming an illustrious tableau in the air, they can be described as a congregation of numerous tiny, winged insects known as gnats. These diminutive creatures are characterized by their trans...

Example sentence

"While having a picnic at the park, we were suddenly bothered by a horde of gnats buzzing around our heads."


Hover Of Gnats

A hover of gnats refers to a group or swarm of these tiny, winged insects that are commonly known for buzzing in the air and moving erratically. This collective noun phrase is particularly fitting as it captures the distinct behavior of gnats when they ar...

Example sentence

"As I stood by the lakeshore, a shimmering hover of gnats swirled in the air, creating a delicate ballet of tiny beings."


Nuisance Of Gnats

A Nuisance of Gnats is a collective noun phrase that aptly describes a bothersome and irritating gathering of these tiny flying insects. Gnats are small flying insects that are part of the Diptera order and often found in moist areas or near bodies of wat...

Example sentence

"While relaxing in the garden, we were constantly annoyed by a nuisance of gnats, swarming around our faces."


Plague Of Gnats

A plague of gnats is a vivid and evocative collective noun phrase that describes a large accumulation of tiny flying insects called gnats. It conjures an image of an intense and overwhelming infestation, akin to a pestilence or epidemic. The term emphasiz...

Example sentence

"While enjoying a peaceful picnic in the park, a plague of gnats interrupted our meal, swarming around our heads and food."


Swarm of Gnats

A 'swarm of gnats' is a vivid and impactful collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or group of small, winged insects known as gnats. Typically, swarms of gnats consist of numerous individuals buzzing and flittering together in a synchronized ...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the park, a swarm of gnats surrounded me, buzzing incessantly around my face."

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