[7] Handful Examples: Unraveling the Engaging World of Collective Nouns

A handful is a collective noun that refers to a small or limited quantity or number of items or individuals that can be held in one hand. A handful implies that the objects or beings being referred to are either difficult or impossible to quantify. Some examples of collective nouns that include the word "handful" are:

1. A handful of sand: This intuitive example describes a small quantity of sand that can be contained within the confines of one hand, making it difficult to provide an exact count or measure.

2. A handful of friends: The term "handful" in this context portrays a small group of friends that are close-knit and can comfortably be held together like cherished possessions in one's hand.

3. A handful of employees: This phrase represents a small number of employees that are essential to the efficient functioning of an organization or business. It acknowledges that the team is limited in size but highly valuable.

4. A handful of berries: In this instance, it signifies a small amount of individual berries that can be conveniently grasped in one hand, often simultaneously conveying their delicate nature.

5. A handful of children: Referring to a few children at once, this phrase encapsulates the notion that the children are lively, energetic, and at times can become a challenge to handle collectively.

Overall, the term "handful," when used as a collective noun, depicts a concise assemblage or representatives belonging to a certain category or collective group that can be metaphorically encompassed by one's hand.


Handful Of Beans

A Handful of Beans refers to a small but significant quantity of beans held together in one's hand. This collective noun phrase encompasses the notion of smallness and limitedness, yet it emphasizes the value and potential found within this confined bundl...

Example sentence

"A handful of beans was soaked overnight in water before being cooked."


Handful Of Chicks

A handful of chicks is a vivid and charming collective noun phrase used to identify a small group of young female birds. This delightful expression vividly captures the image of a handful of fragile and fluffy baby chickens, evoking a sense of playfulness...

Example sentence

"A handful of chicks were happily pecking around in the backyard."


Handful Of Flowers

A handful of flowers refers to a small grouping of flowers that can be comfortably held in one's hand. This collective noun phrase evokes a sense of intimacy and simplicity, as it suggests a handpicked selection of delicate blooms. Symbolizing beauty, fra...

Example sentence

"She handed me a beautiful handful of flowers as a gesture of peace."


Handful Of Grain

A handful of grain is a unique and evocative collective noun phrase that vividly captures a small quantity of grains neatly grasped together within the confines of one's hand. This phrase brings to mind the classic image of a person, perhaps a farmer or a...

Example sentence

"As the farmer harvested his crop, he gathered a handful of grain from the field."


Handful of Grapes

A handful of grapes is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a small quantity of grapes held together in a loosely clasped grip. It signifies a measure of both delicacy and abundance as one's fingers envelop the grapes, creating a visual representati...

Example sentence

"I bought a handful of grapes from the local market."


Handful Of Rice

Handful of Rice is a metaphorical collective noun phrase denoting a small quantity of rice, typically formed by loosely holding as much rice as one hand can grasp. This phrase vividly captures the essence of meager amounts of this staple grain tightly pac...

Example sentence

"The cook measured out a handful of rice to accompany the stir-fried vegetables."


Handful of Strawberries

A handful of strawberries is a delightful, mouth-watering collective noun phrase that brings to mind a sweet and refreshing image. Imagine holding a small cluster of ripe, juicy strawberries in the palm of your hand. The phrase handful embodies the idea t...

Example sentence

"A handful of strawberries could make the perfect snack."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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