[22] Hunting in Packs: A Closer Look at Collective Nouns for Hounds

Although hounds are individually known for their hunting capabilities and agility, when they gather as a group, they form what is known as a collective noun. Collectively, hounds assume evocative terms that encapsulate their purpose and enhance the reverence we hold for these magnificent hunting dogs. United by their tenacity, teamwork, and loyalty, hounds organize into packs, exhibiting a remarkable sense of coordination and synchronized movement, as they work harmoniously towards accomplishing their hunting objectives. In their ensembles, these groups of hounds can be referred to as various collective nouns, which transport us into their world of pack dynamics. Such collective nouns include "a cry of hounds," painting a vivid picture of the unified melody-like barks they produce, echoing across the countryside. Another visually captivating term is "a howl of hounds" that conveys the wild yet awe-inspiring symphony they create, evoking a sense of longing and primal instincts. Furthermore, "a scent of hounds" highlights their exceptional olfactory abilities, emphasizing the importance of their tracking skills in a chase. Ultimately, these collective nouns for hounds encapsulate not only the power and grace of these hunting dogs but also the collaborative essence they possess when united in pursuit of a common goal.


Array Of Hounds

An array of hounds refers to a group or gathering of hounds, often sighthounds or hunting dogs with exceptional agility and sharp senses. This collective noun phrase beautifully captures the essence of a varied and vibrant assemblage of these remarkable c...

Example sentence

"An array of hounds is paraded during the annual dog show, showcasing their impressive skills and well-groomed appearance."


Assembly Of Hounds

An assembly of hounds, also known as a pack, conjures up images of a united force of remarkable canine grace and agility, bound together by their shared purpose. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of hounds working harmoniously as they navigate...

Example sentence

"An assembly of hounds gathered at the sound of the horn, their elegant frames and wagging tails adding to the spectacle in the countryside."


Band Of Hounds

A band of hounds refers to a group of dogs from the hound family that work together as a cohesive unit. This collective noun phrase is commonly used to denote a specific gathering or pack of hounds engaged in activities such as hunting, tracking, or parti...

Example sentence

"A band of hounds hunted together in perfect synchronization."


Brigade Of Hounds

A brigade of hounds is a captivating collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid image of a cohesive and disciplined group of these magnificent dogs. In their collective pursuit of a common goal, whether it be hunting or performing in competitions, these h...

Example sentence

"The brigade of hounds eagerly followed the scent as they chased after the fox."


Cluster Of Hounds

A cluster of hounds is a captivating and compelling sight. This unique collective noun phrase vividly brings to mind a gathering of these elegant and energetic dogs, untethered and moving together in harmony. Envision a picturesque scene in the countrysid...

Example sentence

"A cluster of hounds can be found at the annual hunting competition, showcasing their impressive speed and tracking abilities."


Collection Of Hounds

A collection of hounds refers to a gathering or group of specialized dog breeds known for their exceptional scenting and hunting abilities. Hounds are typically grouped together based on their shared characteristics like their strong sense of smell, speed...

Example sentence

"A collection of hounds ran through the fields, their barks echoing in the distance."


Company Of Hounds

A company of hounds refers to a pack or group of hounds gathered together for a specific purpose or under the guidance of a master. This term specifically denotes the collective noun used to describe these hunting dogs when they are engaged in their tradi...

Example sentence

"A company of hounds eagerly bounded through the thick forest, their powerful noses tracing the scent of prey."


Cry of Hounds

A collective noun phrase, cry of hounds, refers to a gathering or pack of hounds that is engaged in hunting activities. This descriptive term captures the essence of a hunt in motion, where multiple hounds work together, echoing through the air with their...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a distant cry of hounds echoed through the valley, signaling the start of the fox hunt."


Gathering Of Hounds

A Gathering of Hounds is a distinctive collective noun phrase used to collectively describe a specific assemblage of hounds at one place or occasion. This phrase vividly paints a picture of a harmonious gathering where a group of attentive and vigorous ho...

Example sentence

"The sound of hunting horns echoed through the forest as a gathering of hounds set off on the chase."


Group Of Hounds

A group of hounds refers to the gathering of hounds in one place or engaged in a specific activity together. Hounds are traditionally categorized as medium to large-sized dogs, well-known for their incredible sense of smell and exceptional hunting abiliti...

Example sentence

"A group of hounds were spotted chasing a fox through the forest."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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