[12] The Implausibility Embodied: Collective Noun Examples That Leave Us in Awe

Implausibility is a peculiar collective noun that refers to a group or collection of highly unlikely or improbable things or events. It denotes a collective gathering of occurrences or objects that, individually, would be considered remarkable or miraculous in their scarcity or unique nature. This unusual assemblage stands out due to its rarely witnessed conditions, stretching the boundaries of believability or rational expectation. One could imagine an implausibility of occurrences encompassing situations such as multiple rainbows visible at the same time, a series of coincidental encounters that defies explanation, or an assortment of extraordinary achievements all occurring concurrently. This term captures the enchanting essence of an extraordinary gathering of events, reminding us that reality can, at times, be remarkably outside the bounds of what we consider plausible.


Implausibility Of Conspiracy Theories

The term Implausibility of Conspiracy Theories refers to a collective noun phrase that encapsulates the incredibility and lack of evidence found in various conspiracy theories floating around in popular culture. It addresses the concept that most conspira...

Example sentence

"The implausibility of conspiracy theories makes it difficult for true believers to persuade others of their claims."


Implausibility Of Fables

Implausibility of Fables is an evocative collective noun phrase that encapsulates the fantastical nature of fables and highlights their inherent unlikelihood. This unique collective term presents a vivid image of a group, gathering, or multitude of fables...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Fables was evident as the group of animals proficiently communicated with one another in a fantasy world."


Implausibility Of Fairy Tales

Implausibility of Fairy Tales is a captivating and whimsical collective noun phrase that encapsulates the enchanting and oftentimes unrealistic nature of fairy tales. The phrase suggests a gathering or a repository, assembled with the purpose of housing a...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Fairy Tales is often overlooked by those who readily believe in magic and happily-ever-afters."


Implausibility Of Far-fetched Explanations

The Implausibility of Far-fetched Explanations is a captivating collective noun phrase that refers to a group or collection of unlikely and fanciful justifications or accounts. It embodies a concept that indicates incredulity and skepticism towards improb...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Far-fetched Explanations cannot be overlooked in scientific research."


Implausibility of Gnus

The collective noun phrase Implausibility of Gnus refers to a group or gathering of gnus, also known as wildebeests. The term implausibility highlights the seemingly unlikely or outlandish nature of this assembly. Gnus are large, herbivorous mammals prima...

Example sentence

"The implausibility of gnus gathered near the waterhole, their sleek coats shining in the golden sun."


Implausibility Of Hoaxes

Implausibility of Hoaxes: The collective noun phrase Implausibility of Hoaxes encapsulates a peculiar and intriguing gathering of fabricated deceptions and calculated trickeries designed to deceive and mislead. Replete with an undeniable air of incredib...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Hoaxes makes it difficult to convince people of their potential dangers."


Implausibility Of Incredible Predictions

Implausibility of Incredible Predictions is a collective noun phrase that aptly encompasses a group or collection of astonishing and often absurd prophecies or forecasts that are deemed highly dubious or unlikely to come true. Assembling within this uniqu...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Incredible Predictions is a recognized collective noun phrase to describe the incredibility and unpredictability associated with prophetic claims."


Implausibility Of Myths

The collective noun phrase Implausibility of Myths refers to a group of mythical stories or legends that are particularly difficult to believe or accept as fact due to their fantastical nature or lack of corroborating evidence. Each myth within the implau...

Example sentence

"The implausibility of myths is often what captivates readers and fuels their imagination."


Implausibility Of Rumors

Implausibility of Rumors is a quirky and intriguing collective noun phrase that is used to describe a group or collection of rumors that are highly unlikely or unlikely to be true. Embracing the captivating realms of speculation and gossip, this phrase re...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Rumors make it hard for people to believe in gossip."


Implausibility Of Tall Tales

Implausibility of Tall Tales is a captivating and whimsical collective noun phrase used to describe a group or collection of outrageous and oftentimes unbelievable stories. This unique phrase encapsulates the essence of imaginary and larger-than-life narr...

Example sentence

"The Implausibility of Tall Tales makes it challenging to separate fact from fiction in these exaggerated stories."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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