[37] Labouring Together: Exploring Collective Nouns Examples in Everyday Life

Labour is a collective noun that is typically used to refer to a group of individuals engaged in physical or intellectual work towards a common goal. The term encompasses a wide range of occupations and activities that require collaboration and effort. Here are a few examples of collective noun usages with the word "labour":

1. Workforce: In industries and businesses, the term "labour" often refers to the combined group of all employees and workers. The workforce assembles a pool of skills, talents, and experiences to contribute towards the success and productivity of the organization.

2. Crew: Commonly seen in construction projects, "labour" can represent a crew of workers engaged in tasks such as building, demolishing, or general maintenance. This collective noun emphasizes the cooperation and coordination required to carry out complex projects effectively.

3. Team: In various sectors like sports or technology, a "labour" team refers to a group of individuals working together to achieve shared objectives. This could be applied, for example, to a research and development team tirelessly collaborating to develop groundbreaking innovations.

4. Union: A labour union typically represents a collective noun for a group of workers within a specific trade or industry. These unions work to consolidate the rights, working conditions, and bargaining power of employees to ensure fair treatment and betterment.

5. Assembly: When referring to an organized workforce specialized in manufacturing or production lines, "labour" can convey an assembly of workers who perform specific tasks in synchrony to create the final product.

Overall, the collective noun "labour" represents the power and potential that emerges when a group of individuals comes together, pooling their skills, knowledge, and effort to accomplish a common purpose, bringing forth progress and prosperity.


Labour Of Activists

A Labour of Activists refers to a group of individuals who passionately and actively work towards social change, fighting for various causes in an organized and concerted manner. These activists, united by their shared motives and concerns, play a critica...

Example sentence

"The labour of activists is crucial to bring about social and political change."


Labour Of Actors

A Labour of Actors is a captivating phrase used to describe a group or collective of talented individuals working in the vibrant world of theater and film. Together, these actors pool their energy, creativity, and passion to bring powerful stories and cha...

Example sentence

"The labour of actors is often overlooked in the pursuit of glamour and fame."


Labour Of Artists

A Labour of Artists is a descriptive and meaningful term used to refer to a group or collective of artists who engage in various artistic endeavors and take great pride in their craft. This unique phrase encapsulates not only the physical and artistic eff...

Example sentence

"The labour of artists is never-ending as they strive to express their creativity and showcase their unique perspectives."


Labour Of Athletes

A labour of athletes refers to a group or a gathering of individuals who encompass various sports disciplines and compete professionally or as dedicated hobbyists. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the sense of hard work, determination, and unwaver...

Example sentence

"The labour of athletes is often seen in their dedicated training routines and rigorous strive for excellence."


Labour Of Carpenters

A labour of carpenters is a group of skilled tradesmen who specialize in woodworking tasks such as building and fixing structures made of wood. This collective noun phrase highlights the collaboration and camaraderie amongst a group of carpenters working ...

Example sentence

"A labour of carpenters assembled on-site to construct the new office building."


Labour Of Chefs

A Labour of Chefs is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or team of chefs working together in a culinary setting. This collective noun encapsulates the concept of an organized and cohesive unit of professionals who collaborate, create, and pre...

Example sentence

"The Labour of Chefs prepared an exquisite seven-course meal for the guests."


Labour Of Cleaners

A Labour of Cleaners refers to a group of dedicated professionals who specialize in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various settings. This collective noun phrase captures the hardworking and collaborative nature of these individuals, who band toget...

Example sentence

"A labour of cleaners came in and transformed the office overnight, leaving it spotless and fresh for the next workday."


Labour Of Construction Workers

A Labour of Construction Workers refers to a coordinated group of individuals who are collectively engaged in carrying out construction projects. This specific collective noun phrase aptly captures the essence of solidarity and shared effort that typify t...

Example sentence

"The Labour of Construction Workers is vital to the completion of any building project."


Labour Of Craftsmen

A Labour of Craftsmen refers to a collective group or team of skilled individuals who are dedicated to practicing and perfecting their respective crafts. Whether it be artisans, carpenters, blacksmiths, or artisans from various disciplines, this group ope...

Example sentence

"The magnificent cathedral was constructed over many years, a feat accomplished by a labour of craftsmen who meticulously carved every detail by hand."


Labour Of Dancers

A labour of dancers refers to a group of dancers brought together in harmony, expertise, and synchronized movements to create a compelling and mesmerizing display of talent. Embodying elegance, grace, strength, and artistry, this collective noun phrase en...

Example sentence

"The Labour of Dancers put on a mesmerizing performance at the theater last night."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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