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A league is not only a term used to identify sporting competitions, but it can also serve as a collective noun. Collectively, a "league" refers to a group or organization formed by multiple entities with a common purpose or interest. Different individuals or teams coming together with shared goals create a league, allowing them to pursue their objectives more collectively and with strengthened capabilities. A league appreciates the power of unity, coordination, and collaboration, emphasizing the potential of its members when they work together towards a common objective. While the examples of collective nouns with the word league can vary, they generally encompass organizations, associations, or groups that undertake activities collectively, from sports to professions or even causes-driven initiatives. Examples include a league of super heroes, a league of nations, a league of an association of professional tradespeople, or a league of municipalities joining together to tackle local challenges. In these contexts, the word "league" serves to underline the camaraderie, shared purpose, and collaborative nature of the diverse entities involved.


League Of Advocates

The League of Advocates is a highly influential collective noun phrase representing a passionate group of individuals dedicated to promoting and advancing a specific cause or ideology. Comprised of experts, activists, thought leaders, and influential figu...

Example sentence

"The League of Advocates is a powerful organization dedicated to fighting for social justice."


League Of Anthropologists

The League of Anthropologists is a professional and interdisciplinary collective noun phrase referring to a group of highly skilled individuals dedicated to the study and understanding of humankind and culture. Bonded by their common passion for anthropol...

Example sentence

"The League of Anthropologists gathered in a grand summit to discuss the latest discoveries in cultural studies."


League Of Architects

The League of Architects is a prestigious and exclusive collective noun phrase that refers to a group of exceptionally talented and innovative architects. Comprising individuals who have attained remarkable achievements and recognition in the field of arc...

Example sentence

"The League of Architects gathered in the conference hall to discuss the latest trends in sustainable design."


League of Athletes

The League of Athletes is a dynamic and accomplished collective of highly skilled individuals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their respective sports. Comprised of outstanding athletes from various fields and backgrounds, this esteemed group rep...

Example sentence

"The League of Athletes is hosting a charity event to raise funds for underprivileged children."


League Of Basketball Players

The League of Basketball Players is a diverse and interconnected group consisting of professional basketball athletes from around the world. Described as a collective noun phrase, this organization represents a remarkable powerhouse of talent and skill wi...

Example sentence

"The League of Basketball Players is hosting a charity event to raise funds for underprivileged youth."


League Of Bikers

The League of Bikers is a vibrant and thrilling collective noun phrase that brings together motorcyclists from all walks of life. This dedicated community shares a passion for the open road, the powerful rumble of engines, and the freedom that comes with ...

Example sentence

"The League of Bikers roared into town on their sleek motorcycles, ready to participate in the annual charity ride."


League Of Boxers

The League of Boxers is a compelling collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of power, skill, and camaraderie. This phrase denotes a group or organization formed by a gathering of skillful boxers who unite to pursue shared objectives within the world o...

Example sentence

"The League of Boxers is a group of highly skilled martial artists specializing in the sport of boxing."


League Of Brothers

The League of Brothers is a captivating and harmonious collective noun phrase that encompasses a group of closely connected and esteemed men bound by an unbreakable bond of brotherhood. Comprised of individuals who share common ancestry, ideals, or experi...

Example sentence

"The League of Brothers is a group of talented musicians on a mission to revolutionize the music industry."


League Of Critics

The League of Critics is a prestigious and influential collective noun phrase that represents a dynamic group of individuals who specialize in the critical analysis and evaluation of various forms of artistic expression. Comprising expert professionals ha...

Example sentence

"The League of Critics convened to discuss the latest movies and theater performances."


League Of Doctors

The League of Doctors is a prestigious collective noun phrase that references a distinguished assembly or alliance of medical professionals. This grouping represents a cohesive community of doctors who unite under a common purpose, harnessing their except...

Example sentence

"The League of Doctors gathered for their annual conference to discuss advancements in medical research."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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