[91] From Ants to Armies: Legion, the Mighty Collective Noun Examples

Legion is often used as a collective noun to refer to a large, extensive, or vast group of people or objects. Derived from the Latin word "legio," which historically referred to a military unit in ancient Rome, it conveys a sense of multitude or overwhelming presence. The imagery associated with the word 'legion' often implies a forceful, cohesive, and influential entity.

Examples of collective nouns with the word 'legion' demonstrate its attribution to various domains:

1. Legion of fans: Referring to a vast number of devoted supporters or admirers of a particular actor, team, band, or public figure. These fans are united by their love and enthusiasm, forming an extraordinary display of dedication and loyalty.

2. Legion of soldiers: Depicting a powerful contingent of armed forces. The term "legion" in this context highlights the cohesion, strength, and organization crucial for military operations, creating a unified and powerful fighting force.

3. Legion of superheroes: Representing a collection of exceptional and extraordinary individuals equipped with incredible abilities, united to fight against evil or protect humanity.

4. Legion of followers: Describing a vast number of individuals who adhere to a shared belief system or religious following. This collective noun emphasizes the commitment, passion, and dedication of the members to their shared principles.

5. Legion of insects: Depicting a numerous and overwhelming swarm of insects like ants or locusts that move together meticulously to accomplish tasks like successfully building colonies or causing widespread agricultural damage.

Each usage of the collective noun "legion" conveys a sense of magnitude and unified presence, emphasizing the strength, influence, and coordination of the group.


Banner Of Legion

Banner of Legion is a visually stunning collective noun phrase that paints a vivid image of strength, valor, and unity. The phrase captures the essence of a group of majestic legionnaires united under a grand banner, marking their unwavering loyalty and s...

Example sentence

"The banner of Legion was held high as the soldiers marched into battle, inspiring courage amongst their ranks."


Legion Of Aliens

Legion of Aliens refers to a fascinating congregation or community of extraterrestrial beings from diverse corners of the universe. With the term legion denoting a vast or multitude number, this collective noun phrase highlights the sheer magnitude and va...

Example sentence

"A hulking spaceship descended from the sky, releasing a legion of aliens onto Earth's soil."


Legion Of Angels

Legion of Angels is a captivating and enigmatic collective noun phrase that vividly depicts a congregation of heavenly beings. It conjures an image of a vast assembly of ethereal and majestic angels, gathered together in a heavenly plane. The phrase carri...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Angels descended from the heavens with the glorious sound of their wings flapping in unison."


Legion Of Ants

A Legion of Ants is a captivating and remarkable collective noun phrase used to describe a vast and mighty assemblage of ants. It vividly portrays the awe-inspiring sight of countless ants purposefully working together to accomplish tremendous feats when ...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Ants marched in perfect formation, diligently carrying sizable food crumbs back to the hill."


Legion Of Apostles

The phrase Legion of Apostles is a poetic and evocative collective noun that describes a group or assembly of apostles. Derived from the biblical context, where Jesus Christ selected twelve men and named them apostles to spread his teachings, the term ap...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Apostles spread throughout the land, tirelessly sharing their teachings."


Legion Of Artillery

The Legion of Artillery is an eminent collective noun phrase used to refer to a group or organization composed of highly skilled and experienced artillery soldiers. This elite group consists of a multitude of talented individuals who specialize in operati...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Artillery exhibited their exceptional skills during the military parade."


Legion Of Athletes

Legion of Athletes refers to a powerful and formidable group of individuals dedicated to their respective sports, united by their exceptional physical prowess, remarkable skills, and relentless drive to succeed. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a ...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Athletes gathered on the field, ready to compete in the annual championship."


Legion Of Baboons

A Legion of Baboons is a captivating and formidable collective noun phrase that brings to mind the wild and energetic nature of these intelligent primates. A legion refers to a large and organized group, while baboons are well-known for their social behav...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Baboons took over the clearing, their loud calls echoing through the forest."


Legion Of Believers

The Legion of Believers is a potent and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that conveys a powerful sense of community, unity, and shared conviction. The phrase refers to a group of individuals who have unwavering faith, resolute dedication, and an u...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Believers rallied together to support their cause."


Legion Of Boars

Legion of Boars is a captivating collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of boars, which are wild, furry creatures belonging to the pig family. This description evokes a sense of power, unity, and impressive numbers wrapped up in these rugged and ...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Boars charges across the field, their imposing figures striking fear into their opponents."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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