[34] The Ultimate Lineup: Exploring Collective Noun Examples in Nature and Society

A lineup is primarily used to denote a group or arrangement of people or objects standing in a line or row. When used as a collective noun, a lineup refers to a specific set of individuals who are grouped together for a particular purpose. Here are some examples of collective nouns with the word lineup:

1. choir lineup: In the musical context, a choir lineup represents the combined vocal talents organized in an assembly to perform in harmony. This group of singers would consist of various voice types, including sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses, harmonizing together to create beautiful choral music.

2. Sports team lineup: In sports such as football, basketball, or baseball, the team lineup refers to the collection of players selected to participate in a specific game or match. This collective noun includes different positions like forwards, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers united to compete against an opponent.

3. Police lineup: Law enforcement agencies may conduct a police lineup or an identification parade when witnesses or victims need to identify a suspect. Here, a group of individuals similar in appearance stands side by side for scrutiny, providing an opportunity to positively identify the suspect responsible for a crime.

4. Fashion runway lineup: During a fashion show or runway event, the lineup involves models parading down a catwalk displaying the designer's collection of clothing or accessories. Models, sequentially adorned in stunning attire, showcase the designer's creative vision to the audience, photographers, and fashion enthusiasts.

5. Orchestra lineup: In symphonic performances, the orchestra lineup refers to the ensemble of musicians grouped to perform together in harmony. This collective noun combines various instrumental sections, such as strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion, collaborating under the conductor's guidance to deliver a stunning musical experience.

6. Stand-up comedy lineup: In the world of comedy, a stand-up comedy lineup represents a roster of comedians who perform individual sets during a comedy show or stand-up event. Each comedian takes the stage one after the other, entertaining the audience with their unique style, wit, and humor.

Collective nouns like these embody the idea of coordination or organization, emphasizing the unified nature of a group working towards a shared objective within a designated lineup.


Lineup Of Athletes

A lineup of athletes is a remarkable assembly of individuals who excel in various sports disciplines, united under a common banner of athleticism. This collective noun phrase represents a gathering of exceptionally talented individuals, each possessing ex...

Example sentence

"The lineup of athletes looked impressive as they stood ready to compete."


Lineup Of Basketball Players

A lineup of basketball players refers to a carefully chosen and assembled group of individuals who come together to represent a team in the competitive sport of basketball. Comprised of talented athletes with diverse skills and abilities, a lineup of bask...

Example sentence

"The lineup of basketball players showcased an impressive display of talent and skill on the court."


Lineup Of Bikers

A lineup of bikers is an impressive gathering of individuals who share a common passion for the open road and the exhilarating freedom of riding motorcycles. This collective noun phrase invokes images of a formidable group of like-minded enthusiasts, clad...

Example sentence

"The lineup of bikers roared down the highway, their engines reverberating through the crisp autumn air."


Lineup Of Boxers

A lineup of boxers is a captivating sight, filled with anticipation and the promise of thrilling action. This collective noun phrase refers to a group of skillful and determined individuals poised to enter the boxing ring. Each boxer brings their unique s...

Example sentence

"The lineup of boxers at the championship included some of the most skilled fighters in the world."


Lineup Of Candidates

A lineup of candidates refers to a group or assortment of individuals who are vying for a particular position, nomination, or competition. The phrase captures the visual image of candidates standing or being arranged in a row, showcasing their diverse ski...

Example sentence

"The lineup of candidates for the election has given the voters plenty of options to choose from."


Lineup Of Captains

A lineup of captains refers to a captivating gathering of talented and accomplished individuals who hold the prestigious position of captaincy. This collective noun phrase encapsulates a group characterized by exceptional leadership qualities, unwavering ...

Example sentence

"The lineup of captains impressed everyone with their leadership skills."


Lineup Of Cars

A lineup of cars is a captivating sight and a bustling display of vehicular marvel. This collective noun phrase refers to a sequential arrangement or formation of automobiles, typically organized in a row or a predefined order. Whether gathered at a car s...

Example sentence

"The lineup of cars in the parking lot was dominated by sleek sports cars and powerful luxury vehicles."


Lineup Of Ceremonies

A 'lineup of ceremonies' is a vivid and evocative collective noun phrase that conjures images of a mesmerizing arrangement of stately and formal events. Imagine a grand or ceremonial procession of multiple ceremonial events, parades, or formal gatherings,...

Example sentence

"The lineup of ceremonies included a graduation ceremony, an awards ceremony, and a tribute ceremony."


Lineup Of Computers

A lineup of computers refers to a group or collection of computers arranged together in a specific order or formation. This sparkling array of technological marvels consists of multiple computer systems that are lined up side by side, forming a visually c...

Example sentence

"The lineup of computers at the electronics store was truly impressive, showcasing the latest models and the newest technology."


Lineup Of Cricketers

A lineup of cricketers refers to a group or collection of professional cricket players who come together to form a team for a match or tournament. This collective noun phrase aptly describes the organized arrangement of individuals chosen specifically for...

Example sentence

"The lineup of cricketers this season is truly exceptional, with world-renowned players from various nations showcasing their skills."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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