[24] A Plethora of Collective Nouns: A Massive Load of Examples!

A "load" is a collective noun that is often used to refer to a large quantity or amount of something. This term is typically associated with heavy or cumbersome objects, materials, or concepts. While "load" can apply to many different contexts, below are some examples of collective nouns involving "load":

1. Load of Laundry: Refers to a batch of dirty clothes to be washed together. It represents the amount coming into the washing machine or the piles that may accumulate before or after washing.

2. Load of Garbage/Trash: Describes a collective amount of waste or refuse that needs to be disposed of. It could be packed bags or containers of discarded items ready for pick-up by waste management services.

3. Load of Lumber/Wood: Refers to a collection of timber or wooden beams typically stacked or carried together. It can also represent a shipment or inventory of lumber at a mill or construction site.

4. Load of Debt: Denotes the sum total of financial obligations owed by an individual, business, or government entity. It represents the collective burden of unpaid loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc.

5. Load of Information/Data: Represents a significant amount of knowledge, facts, or statistics gathered or being transmitted. It could involve files, documents, spreadsheets, or any other type of information saved electronically or in physical form.

6. Load of Rubbish/Nonsense: Describes a mass or collection of useless, nonsensical, or irrelevant information or statements. It could refer to piles of irrelevant paperwork or a long-winded discussion.

7. Load of Goods: Indicates the collective amount of merchandise or products being transported, typically in large quantities. It is commonly used in commercial transportation and logistics.

8. Load of Work: Refers to the equivalent of a heavy workload or a drastic amount of tasks and responsibilities to be handled within a specific period. It represents the collective burden of tasks or assignments individuals or teams face.

9. Load of Stress: Signifies a tremendous amount of pressure, tension, or strain experienced by a person or a group. It indicates the combined weight of various factors causing distress or anxiety.

These examples highlight the versatile ways in which the collective noun "load" can be used to describe various cumulative quantities or burdens in different contexts.


Load of Apples

A load of apples is a collective noun phrase that refers to a large quantity or amount of apples collected or grouped together. This term can depict the physical load or burden of a multitude of apples being transported, stored, or stacked upon one anothe...

Example sentence

"When the truck pulled up, it was carrying a massive load of apples."


Load of Bananas

Load of Bananas refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a large and significant quantity of bananas. Packed tightly together, this load signifies a transport or a bundle of ripe and yellow bananas typically seen on trucks, boats, or in markets...

Example sentence

"I had to carry a load of bananas on my head as part of a game at the tropical-themed party."


Load Of Burdens

Load of Burdens is a compelling collective noun phrase that vividly captures the essence of a heavy burden. It beautifully depicts a multitude of challenges, worries, or responsibilities converging together, weighing heavily on an individual or a group. W...

Example sentence

"A load of burdens can weigh heavily on one's mind, making it hard to find peace and happiness."


Load Of Clothes

A load of clothes refers to a collection or assemblage of garments or clothing items that have been gathered together, often for the purpose of washing or transportation. It represents a sizable quantity of various types of clothing, encompassing robes, d...

Example sentence

"I have a load of clothes in the washing machine that need to be dried."


Load Of Cotton

A load of cotton refers to a specific quantity or amount of cotton that is gathered or transported together. This collective noun phrase vividly captures the image of a substantial amount of cotton bales accumulated in one place or being carried in bulk, ...

Example sentence

"A load of cotton requires careful handling to prevent damage."


Load Of Eggs

A load of eggs refers to a large quantity or amount of eggs gathered or piled together, typically in one container or basket. The collective noun phrase load conveys a sense of abundance, depicting an assemblage of eggs that can range from dozens to hundr...

Example sentence

"The farmer collected a load of eggs from the chicken coop."


Load Of Grain

A load of grain is a collective noun phrase that describes a quantity or amount of grains brought together or transported in a single mass. It represents the organized gathering or accumulation of various grains, such as wheat, corn, rice, barley, or oats...

Example sentence

"The ship docked at the port with a massive load of grain from overseas."


Load of Grapes

Load of Grapes is a colorful collective noun phrase that evokes imagery of a bountiful abundance of grapes. A load typically refers to a large quantity or amount, highlighting the sheer volume of grapes in this context. Portraying a vibrant and tantalizin...

Example sentence

"The vineyard workers carefully picked and sorted out a massive load of grapes from the fields."


Load Of Hay

A load of hay refers to a collection or stack of rectangular bales or bundles of dried grass, straw, or other cultivated plants used as fodder or bedding for livestock. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of a consolidated weight or bulk of fluffy...

Example sentence

"I watched as the farmers unloaded a massive load of hay from the truck, ready to feed their livestock."


Load Of Homework

A load of homework is a collective noun phrase that refers to a considerable or significant amount of homework. It conveys the idea of a large quantity or volume of academic tasks that students are required to complete outside of school hours. This phrase...

Example sentence

"My backpack feels heavier than usual with this load of homework."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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