[46] The Mass Appeal of Collective Nouns: A Medley of Fascinating Examples

A collective noun is a type of noun that represents a group or collection of individuals, animals, objects, or concepts as a singular entity. One common use of collective nouns is to describe groups of things that are quantifiable or measured collectively.

The word "mass" can be used to form collective nouns, denoting a large group or collection of items, people, or substances. Here are a few examples of collective nouns with the word "mass":

1. Mass of People: This collective noun refers to a large group of individuals gathered together or in close proximity. For instance, during festivals or public events, one can often witness a mass of people expressing unity or engaging in collective activities.

2. Mass of Data: In the digital era, the amount of data generated and stored on various platforms is enormous. A mass of data can represent immense quantities of information that are combined or collected together, often analyzed or processed to derive meaningful insights.

3. Mass of Clouds: When a great number of clouds gather in the sky, it forms a picturesque scene. A mass of clouds is a collective noun used to describe a large collection of clouds forming together, stretching across the horizon and sometimes blocking sunlight.

4. Mass of Books: Libraries and bookstores house a collection of books that often span across various sections and genres. A mass of books represents numerous volumes arranged together, creating a sense of vastness and wealth of knowledge.

5. Mass of Vehicles: When a large number of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or bicycles, are in motion together, they form a mass of vehicles. This term is used to describe busy highways, traffic jams, or crowded parking lots, where the collective presence of multiple vehicles is evident.

6. Mass of Protesters: In instances of rallies, demonstrations, or protests, a large gathering of individuals sharing common grievances or demands can be referred to as a mass of protesters. This signifies the power of collective action and the collective voice shaping socio-political narratives.

In conclusion, collective nouns with the word "mass" are used to describe substantial quantities or groups of individuals, items, or entities. Whether it's people, objects, particles, or concepts, these collective nouns effectively encapsulate a sense of magnitude and conglomerate.


Mass Of Anacondas

A mass of anacondas refers to a gathering or group of these magnificent, muscular snakes in their natural habitat. Renowned as the largest and most powerful member of the boa family, anacondas are supremely equipped predators, known for stalking their pre...

Example sentence

"A mass of anacondas slithers through the dense Amazon rainforest, their powerful bodies coiling effortlessly around trees and rocks."


Mass Of Ants

A mass of ants refers to a fascinating and intricate group of these small but highly organized insects. When one visualizes a mass of ants, it is a captivating vision of sheer numbers, coordinated movements, and efficient teamwork. Typically found in popu...

Example sentence

"A mass of ants was crawling around the picnic blanket, sending my friends scrambling to their feet."


Mass Of Aphids

A mass of aphids refers to a large gathering or accumulation of tiny, sap-sucking insects known as aphids. These minuscule creatures, also known as plant lice, usually feed on the sap of various plant species, including ornamental plants, vegetables, and ...

Example sentence

"I noticed a large mass of aphids on the stem of my rose bush yesterday."


Mass Of Artillery

A mass of artillery refers to a large and imposing grouping or assembly of various types of artillery weapons. This collective noun phrase encompasses artillery pieces such as cannons, howitzers, rocket launchers, and mortars, which are systematically org...

Example sentence

"The mass of artillery rumbled through the desert, ready for battle."


Mass Of Asteroids

A mass of asteroids refers to a gathering or accumulation of numerous celestial bodies, known as asteroids, taking place in outer space. Asteroids are rocky and metallic fragments, varying in size from tiny boulders to massive objects several hundred kilo...

Example sentence

"A mass of asteroids is hurtling through space, creating a chaotic and unpredictable swarm."


Mass Of Baboons

A mass of baboons refers to a large group or gathering of these unique and intelligent primates. These playful creatures are known for their social nature and complex social structure. When numerous baboons assemble together, their distinctive collective ...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to set, a massive addition to the horizon caught our attention—a mass of baboons was descending towards the river."


Mass Of Beachgoers

A mass of beachgoers is a captivating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the awe-inspiring sight of a large group of people congregating at a beach. It conveys an image of bustling life, vibrant energy, and a shared sense of enjoyment. The term mass...

Example sentence

"A mass of beachgoers spread across the shores, seeking refuge from the scorching sun."


Mass Of Boar

A mass of boar refers to a powerful grouping of these formidable wild animals. Typically found in forests, brushlands, or grasslands, this collective noun phrase vividly portrays the strength and presence of a gathering of boars. When a group of these int...

Example sentence

"A massive mass of boar was seen charging through the forest, creating an intimidating sight."


Mass Of Boars

A mass of boars refers to a gathering or grouping of these powerful and magnificent wild animals. Characterized by their strength, cunningness, and razor-sharp tusks, a mass of boars exhibits both a sense of cohesion and controlled chaos. In the natural w...

Example sentence

"A mass of boars emerged from the dense undergrowth, their powerful bodies moving together in synchrony."


Mass Of Burdens

A mass of burdens refers to a congregation or accumulation of various difficulties, problems, or challenges that an individual or a group may encounter. This collective noun phrase puts emphasis on the heaviness or overwhelming nature of these burdens and...

Example sentence

"The Mass of Burdens slowly made its way down the winding path as the weary travelers struggled under their heavy loads."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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