[42] A Stylish Gathering: Collective Noun Examples with the Word 'Outfit'

An outfit, when used as a collective noun, refers to a collection or grouping of clothing items that are worn together to form a complete ensemble. This term can denote a cohesive assembly of garments, accessories, and footwear, designed with similar aesthetics and intended for a specific occasion, style, or purpose. In fashion, an outfit embodies the artistic expression of personal style or the unified costumes of a group, portraying a cohesive and unified appearance.

Collective noun examples with the word "outfit" can range from different contexts and purposes, showcasing the versatility of this term. For instance, in a theatrical setting, an "outfit" refers to the coordinated clothing and accessories worn by performers to create a distinct visual identity for their character. Similarly, in a ballet ensemble, an "outfit" portrays the harmonious uniforms and attires worn by dancers to deliver a synchronized performance.

In a casual context, an "outfit" can represent a collective noun for a set of items designed for pairing, such as a pantsuit or a coordinated set of polo shirts and shorts. A sports team's uniform, with its standardized apparel and accessories, can also be referred to as an "outfit."

Additionally, in a broader sense, an "outfit" can symbolize the complete attire a person wears in a specific situation, encompassing different articles of clothing, shoes, and complementary accessories. For example, an individual may describe what they wore for a formal event as their "outfit," including their clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other embellishments.

Overall, "outfit" as a collective noun offers a comprehensive way of describing apparel and accessories brought together to form a unified and purposeful ensemble, highlighting the cohesive aspect of dressing and visual presentation in various contexts.


Outfit Of Adventurers

An Outfit of Adventurers refers to a captivating and dynamic group of individuals who embark on thrilling and daring explorations together. This collective noun phrase denotes a motivated and intrepid assembly of adventurers, each possessing their unique ...

Example sentence

"An outfit of adventurers reached the summit of Mount Everest after months of strenuous training and perseverance."


Outfit Of Artists

An outfit of artists refers to a group or collective gathering of skilled individuals who engage in various forms of artistic expression. This phrase captures the essence of these talented individuals coming together, showcasing their creative talents, an...

Example sentence

"The outfit of artists gathered in the vibrant studio, each waiting for their turn to showcase their masterpieces."


Outfit Of Astronauts

An outfit of astronauts refers to a specific group or team of individuals who have been trained and suited up to explore and conduct tasks beyond the Earth's atmosphere. As the term suggests, it signifies a collection of fully equipped individuals who are...

Example sentence

"An outfit of astronauts was preparing for their next space mission, running through checklists and donning their spacesuits."


Outfit Of Athletes

An outfit of athletes refers to a gathering or congregation of individuals engaged in various athletic sports or activities. This phrase symbolizes the collaboration and mutual commitment of these sportspeople, coming together to represent a specific team...

Example sentence

"The outfit of athletes trained together diligently to prepare for the championship."


Outfit Of Clothes

An Outfit of Clothes is a collective noun phrase used to refer to a complete set or combination of garments or attire put together for a particular occasion or purpose. It represents the various items of clothing such as tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, acc...

Example sentence

"She brought an entire outfit of clothes to the event, complete with a dress, matching shoes, and accessories."


Outfit Of Cosplayers

An outfit of cosplayers refers to a collective group of individuals who have enthusiastically embraced the world of cosplay. Cosplay, short for costume play, is a hobby and art form where people meticulously craft and wear costumes depicting characters fr...

Example sentence

"The outfit of cosplayers gathered at the convention center, showcasing their detailed costumes and impressive makeup skills."


Outfit Of Cowboys

An outfit of cowboys refers to a group or gathering of these skilled and rugged individuals that are associated with Western culture and lifestyle. Picture a dynamic assemblage, perhaps in a sprawling ranch or rodeo grounds, where several cowboys come tog...

Example sentence

"An outfit of cowboys rode into town, their hats tilted low and spurs jingling with each step."


Outfit Of Cyclists

An outfit of cyclists refers to a group or gathering of individuals who engage in the activity of cycling together. This vibrant collective noun phrase evokes the image of a unified and coordinated group, dressed in their distinctive cycling attire, effor...

Example sentence

"As I rounded the corner, I was met with an impressive sight: an outfit of cyclists speeding by in their colorful jerseys."


Outfit Of Dancers

An outfit of dancers refers to a group or ensemble of performers who specialize in various forms of dance. This collective noun phrase brings to mind a visually stunning display of talent and coordination as these dancers come together to showcase their a...

Example sentence

"The outfit of dancers gracefully moved across the stage, perfectly synchronized in their steps and movements."


Outfit Of Detectives

An Outfit of Detectives refers to a group of highly skilled individuals brought together for the common purpose of solving complex and intricate mysteries. This collective noun phrase highlights the idea of collaboration, diversity, and expertise within t...

Example sentence

"An outfit of detectives was called in to investigate the mysterious murder case."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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