[5] Pair of Examples: Collective Nouns that Showcase Togetherness

Collective nouns refer to groups of people, animals, or things. They are singular nouns that represent a multitude or a collection. The word "pair" pairs perfectly with a few collective nouns.

Firstly, we have the collective noun "pair" itself, which represents a set of two people or things that are considered together. For example, a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses, or a pair of socks. Used in this way, "pair" lets us refer to two separate entities functioning as a unit.

Another example of the usage of "pair" as a collective noun is "pair of twins." In this context, it refers to two individuals born to the same parents at the same time. Twins often share a unique bond and are grouped as a cohesive pair, despite having distinct personalities.

Moving on, the word "pair" can also be associated with certain animals, such as a "pair of geese." These social birds tend to mate for life, making them an excellent symbol of pair bonding. Similarly, we have a "pair of lovebirds," known for their strong pair-bonding behaviors.

Furthermore, the term "pair" can describe a team or a couple working together interchangeably. For instance, in a dance competition, we might witness a "pair of dancers" gracefully performing intricate routines. Alternatively, we may see a "pair of athletes" collaborating to achieve optimal results in a relay race.

To summarize, the word pair lends itself to various collective noun examples. Whether it refers to twin siblings, companion animals, objects used in pairs, or people working together, "pair" encapsulates the idea of unity, duality, and collaboration.


Pair Of Eyes

A pair of eyes refers to two eyes that are seen or perceived together. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of two separate, distinct human eyes, or a pair of eyes belonging to any living creature that possesses this visual organ. The word pair, in...

Example sentence

"A pair of eyes stared at me intensely from across the room."


Pair of Figure Skaters

Pair of Figure is a term used to describe a unique phenomenon that occurs when two distinct figures stand together in an admirable manner. It signifies a mesmerizing sight where two individuals, statues, or figures harmoniously complement each other, form...

Example sentence

"A pair of figure skaters gracefully twirled and glided across the ice, mesmerizing the audience with their synchronized movements."


Pair Of Oxen

A pair of oxen is a collective noun phrase that refers to two adult male bovine animals commonly used in agriculture and as draft animals. These animals are known for their immense size, strength, and endurance. They have thick necks, broad shoulders, and...

Example sentence

"A pair of oxen pulled the heavy cart across the muddy field."


Pair Of Players

A pair of players refers to the complementary grouping and collaboration of two individuals engaged in an activity, usually within the realm of sports, games, or performances. This collective noun phrase emphasizes the specific connection and teamwork of ...

Example sentence

"A pair of players started practicing for the upcoming tournament."


Pair Of Twins

A pair of twins, also referred to as a twin pair, is a fascinating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the unique and extraordinary bond between two individuals born simultaneously from the same womb. Sharing an innate connection and often similar ph...

Example sentence

"I saw a pair of twins walking in the park, wearing matching outfits."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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