[6] The Fascinating Passage of Animal Collectives: A Dive into Collective Noun Examples

A passage is a narrow, enclosed path or thoroughfare through which individuals navigate to reach another area. However, when discussing collective nouns, the word "passage" takes on a different meaning. In this context, passage is used to refer to a collective noun, which is a single term used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. Below are a few examples of collective nouns incorporating the word "passage."

1. Passage of Time: Time does not stand still, but rather passes by continuously. When referring to time, a passage is used to describe a defined period or interval of time, such as a decade, century, or even a specific year. For instance, "The passage of time has brought many changes to our society."

2. Passage of Ships: In reference to a group of ships traveling together, the term "passage" is commonly used. It portrays a collective unit of ships moving together towards a specific destination, often to counter rough ocean conditions or provide mutual support. An example sentence could be: "A passage of ships entered the harbor, carrying goods and providing aid after the calamitous storm."

3. Passage of Birds: birds often migrate in flocks or groups, and the term "passage" is employed to depict their collective movement from one place to another. It conveys the image of birds flying and navigating alongside each other, as they embark on their migratory journey. For example, "The passage of birds across the horizon was a magnificent sight, signaling the arrival of spring."

4. Passage of Text: In literature or academic writing, the collective noun "passage" is used to encompass a specific part or section of a longer written work, such as a novel, poem, or research paper. It refers to a cohesive portion of text that is distinct and often warrants analysis or discussion. As an example, "The scholars debated the deep meaning behind a significant passage in a Shakespearean play."

In summary, when discussing collective nouns incorporating the word "passage," various contexts can arise - from the passing of time to the movement of ships, birds, or the evaluation of literature. The use of this term emphasizes the collective nature and common purpose shared by individuals, objects, or ideas within these specific realms.


Passage Of Caribou

A Passage of Caribou refers to a beautiful visual spectacle of a group of caribou moving together during their migration or foraging for food. These majestic creatures, known for their agility and endurance, are native to the colder regions of North Ameri...

Example sentence

"A passage of caribou crossed the frozen tundra with grace and determination."


Passage of Prose

A passage of prose refers to a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a specific segment or extract of written language, typically associated with works of fiction or non-fiction literature. Comprising a coherent succession of sentences or paragraphs, a...

Example sentence

"The passage of prose explored the depths of human emotion with vivid and relatable characters."


Passage Of Sentences

A passage of sentences refers to a collection or sequence of sentences that are interconnected or related to each other in a literary work or speech. It is a term used to describe a series of sentences presented in a coherent and logical order, usually fo...

Example sentence

"The passage of sentences revealed the jury's unanimous decision."


Passage Of Specters

Passage of Specters is a hauntingly beautiful collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of mystery and darkness. When we envision a passage, it transports us somewhere unknown, perhaps through shadowy corridors or ethereal realms. And as for the specters...

Example sentence

"Passage of Specters glided through the haunted forest, their ethereal forms flickering in and out of sight."


Passage Of Time

A passage of time refers to the collective noun phrase used to encapsulate the continuous and irreversible movement of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years that mark the progression of life and events. It symbolizes the universal concept embod...

Example sentence

"As I reflected upon the passage of time, I realized how quickly the years had slipped by."


Passage Of Years

Passage of Years is a poignant and thought-provoking collective noun phrase used to describe the enduring essence and relentless progression of time. This evocative expression encapsulates the fluidity and continuity of our existence, underscoring the uni...

Example sentence

"The passage of years has caused the erosion of rocks in this ancient cave."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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