[52] Platoon-ing Together: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Explained

A platoon is a widely recognized example of a collective noun used to describe a specific group or unit within a larger military force. It refers to a small, specialized team of soldiers typically composing a subdivision of a company or a troop. Platoon is an essential organizational term in the military hierarchy, responsible for coordinating and executing cohesive tactics and operations on the ground, usually led by a platoon leader.

On the battlefield, a platoon functions as a cohesive and cohesive unit—blanketing missions and carrying out specific objectives. A platoon delivers a balance between being compact enough to maneuver quickly and collaboratively while maintaining the strength to engage enemy forces effectively.

This collective noun exemplifies cohesion, discipline, and the power of teamwork—the cornerstone of military operations. Similar to other collective nouns, such as a squad or a team, a platoon emphasizes the collective strength that arises when individual talents merge to achieve a common goal. Conducting operations under tight bonds and shared responsibilities ensures smooth communication, synchronicity, and increased chances for success, making the platoon an integral part of any military force.


Platoon Of Artillery

A platoon of artillery refers to a specific group of artillery units working together within the larger infantry or military formation. This collective noun phrase denotes a team of highly skilled soldiers trained in handling, operating, and maneuvering a...

Example sentence

"The platoon of artillery performed synchronized movements as they prepared to fire their cannons."


Platoon Of Athletes

A platoon of athletes refers to a gathering or assembly of individuals who are skilled, dedicated, and organized in the pursuit of athletic excellence. In this collective noun phrase, platoon emphasizes the sense of cohesion, teamwork, and synchronization...

Example sentence

"A platoon of athletes sprinted across the finish line in a thrilling display of speed and endurance."


Platoon Of Beavers

A platoon of beavers refers to a group of these industrious and resourceful mammals working together towards a common goal. Beavers are well-known for their exceptional engineering abilities as they construct extensive dams and lodges in bodies of water. ...

Example sentence

"A platoon of beavers efficiently tarp in fallen trees and construct their elaborate dam."


Platoon Of Bloodhounds

A platoon of bloodhounds refers to a gathering or assembly of these magnificently skilled and powerfully built scent hounds working together towards a common goal. Bloodhounds, known for their exceptional sense of smell and unrivaled tracking abilities, a...

Example sentence

"A platoon of bloodhounds was called in to help rescue the missing child."


Platoon Of Boys

A platoon of boys is a lively and energetic group of young males, typically seen engaged in various activities and adventures. The collective noun platoon suggests a sense of organization and a united front among these boys as they tackle exciting challen...

Example sentence

"A platoon of boys ran through the field, their energy and laughter filling the air."


Platoon Of Chickens

A platoon of chickens refers to a group or collection of chickens, typically separated into smaller units for efficient organization within a larger purpose or task. Just like a military platoon, this collective noun emphasizes the cohesion and coordinati...

Example sentence

"As the sun began to rise, a platoon of chickens emerged from their coop, their feathers shimmering in the early morning light."


Platoon Of Cows

A platoon of cows is a delightful and captivating sight to behold as it refers to a group or collection of cows gathered together. It creates a vivid image of these majestic creatures striding across idyllic pastures or grazing peacefully on lush grasslan...

Example sentence

"The platoon of cows grazed peacefully in the meadow, displaying perfect harmony and synchronized movements."


Platoon Of Crabs

A platoon of crabs refers to a unique and fascinating assemblage of these crustaceans. Crabs, known for their remarkable adaptability and distinctive sideways walking, often gather together in large groups called platoons. This collectivity provides them ...

Example sentence

"A platoon of crabs scuttled across the shore, their tiny pincers raised high in unison."


Platoon Of Cricketers

A platoon of cricketers refers to a large and diverse group of cricket players who come together to form a united and competitive team. The term platoon innately implies a sense of order, structure, and coordination, which aptly applied to a group of cric...

Example sentence

"The platoon of cricketers marched onto the field, each showcasing their unique set of skills and strategies."


Platoon Of Deckhands

A platoon of deckhands is a group of skilled individuals responsible for maintaining and operating various tasks on a ship's deck. Working under the command of the deck officer or captain, they play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and smooth functioni...

Example sentence

"A platoon of deckhands swiftly maneuvered around the ship, tackling various tasks to ensure a smooth sailing."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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