[7] Breaking Records: Collective noun examples showcasing the power of unity

A record is a term used to describe a special or noteworthy collection of something. In the case of collective nouns, the word "record" can be used to emphasize remarkable or exceptional categories of objects or living beings.

Here are a few examples of collective nouns that include the word "record":

1. A record of achievements: This collective noun refers to the accolades, accomplishments, or milestones accomplished by individuals in a particular field, such as a "record of achievements in scientific research" or a "record of achievements in sports."

2. A record of musicians: This collective noun describes a group of musicians who have achieved notable success individually or collectively, such as a "record of musicians from around the world" or a "record of Grammy award-winning artists."

3. A record of records: This meta-collective noun humorously represents a group of Guinness World Records, highlighting an assemblage of extraordinary or unparalleled achievements, for instance, a "record of records for the most bizarre feats accomplished."

4. A record of sales: This collective noun pertains to an impressive number or value of products sold within a certain domain or market, such as a "record of sales in the automobile industry" or a "record of unprecedented digital music downloads."

5. A record of attendance: This term describes a significant gathering of people at a specific event or location, such as a "record of attendance at a music festival" or a "record of visitor numbers at an art exhibition."

By utilizing the word "record" in these collective nouns, they emphasize the extraordinary, exceptional, or unparalleled quality of the group they represent, often indicating achievements, numbers, sales, or participation that surpass or establish new standards.


Record Of Discoveries

Record of Discoveries is a captivating and intriguing collective noun phrase that embodies the adventures, achievements, and milestones made by explorers and scientists throughout history. It encompasses a vast array of groundbreaking discoveries that hav...

Example sentence

"The record of discoveries in the field of archaeology is extensive, spanning thousands of years."


Record Of Documents

A record of documents refers to a collection or compilation of written, recorded, or printed materials that contain important information. It represents a comprehensive repository or archive of various types of documents, such as legal contracts, invoices...

Example sentence

"The lawyers requested a record of documents before proceeding with the case."


Record Of Receipts

A record of receipts is a specific collective noun phrase that refers to a comprehensive, organized documentation or report of all monetary transactions accomplished through the issuance of receipts. It represents a systematic approach to capturing and re...

Example sentence

"The accounting department kept a meticulously organized record of receipts for all the expenses of the company."


Record Of Scores

A record of scores refers to a compilation or accumulation of various scores achieved in a particular context, be it sports, games, or academic endeavors. It serves as a comprehensive document or log that records the numerical values or rankings associate...

Example sentence

"The record of scores indicated that our team had experienced a remarkable winning streak."


Record Of Tasks

A record of tasks is a collective noun phrase that refers to a systematic and organized documentation or list of various duties, responsibilities, assignments, or projects that need to be completed. It is a central repository or log that helps individuals...

Example sentence

"Yesterday, our team discussed the long record of tasks that needed to be completed before the deadline."


Record Of Vestiges

Record of Vestiges is a captivating and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that encompasses a rich tapestry of all things protoypal, fragmentary, or remnants of the past, often times evoking the.Pinterest...

Example sentence

"A record of vestiges reveals the continuous progression of human civilization, showcasing our collective achievements and failures."


Record of Writings

A record of writings is a collective noun phrase used to describe a compilation or collection of written texts, documents, or literary works. It often refers to a body of written materials that encompasses various genres, languages, or subject matters. Ac...

Example sentence

"The record of writings from various authors spanned centuries, showcasing a diverse array of literary styles and themes."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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