[12] Building the Perfect Roster: Examples of Collective Nouns Bringing People Together

A roster is a list or schedule that typically pertains to a group or collection of individuals. When it comes to collective nouns in the context of a roster, they refer to specially designed terms that correspond to groups of specific objects gathered together, sharing a common characteristic or purpose. Here are a few popular collective noun examples for a roster:

1. Team: A team is a collective noun frequently associated with sports and refers to a group of athletes playing together towards a common goal, such as a football team, baseball team, or basketball team. The roster would contain the names of all the players along with their positions.

2. Orchestra: An orchestra is a collective noun for a large group of musicians playing various musical instruments to create beautiful harmonies. The roster here lists the names and roles of the musicians, ranging from violinists and cellists to trumpeters and percussionists.

3. Crew: A crew is a collective noun often related to the maritime industry or any project requiring a coordinated group effort. On a roster, the crew represents the list of individuals working together, such as a ship's crew or a film crew involved in a movie production.

4. Staff: A staff is a collective noun related to individuals working in a particular institution or organization. The roster in this context includes the names and positions of all the employees employed within a firm, company, restaurant, hospital, or any other establishment.

5. Squad: A squad is a collective noun commonly used in military or police contexts to describe a small group of personnel performing a specific task or having a particular function. A roster in this case would outline the members of the squad, detailing their designated roles and assignments.

Collective nouns bring clarity and efficiency to the roster by conveniently organizing groups of individuals with a shared purpose or role. They enhance the overall understanding when referencing such groups, allowing for easy communication and organization within various domains.


Roster Of Athletes

A roster of athletes refers to a comprehensive list or schedule of individuals who participate in various sports or athletic events. This collective noun phrase encompasses a diverse group of skilled individuals from different disciplines, such as footbal...

Example sentence

"The roster of athletes has been updated with the newest additions to the team."


Roster Of Basketball Players

A roster of basketball players refers to a comprehensive list or grouping of individuals who are members of a basketball team. It encompasses all the players who are officially registered as part of the team, be it at the professional, collegiate, or amat...

Example sentence

"The coach carefully reviewed the roster of basketball players to select the starting squad for the game."


Roster Of Boxers

A roster of boxers refers to a collection or listing of all the boxers affiliated with a particular organizing body, such as a boxing promotion company, a boxing association, or a boxing team. This collective noun phrase encompasses a wide range of talent...

Example sentence

"The roster of boxers at the invitational tournament was filled with talented athletes from around the world."


Roster Of Captains

A roster of captains refers to a collective noun phrase that denotes a list or group of individuals who hold the esteemed rank of a captain within a particular domain or organization. It brings together the upper echelon of leaders who possess specific kn...

Example sentence

"The roster of captains includes accomplished seafarers with years of experience at helm."


Roster Of Cows

A roster of cows refers to a specific group or collection of cows. It is a term used to describe a list or record of the names and details of all the cows within a particular farm, herd, or organization. This collective noun phrase highlights organization...

Example sentence

"The farmer checked the roster of cows and made sure they were all accounted for."


Roster Of Debates

A Roster of Debates refers to a comprehensive list or schedule of debates that are planned, organized, or anticipated to take place within a certain timeframe or context. This collective noun phrase often describes the compilation of significant and promi...

Example sentence

"The roster of debates for next week's parliamentary session has been published."


Roster Of Events

A roster of events is a comprehensive list or schedule of various happenings, occurrences, or activities. This collective noun phrase describes a collection or catalog of planned or organized events within a particular time frame, typically including date...

Example sentence

"The Roster of Events for the music festival was packed with incredible performances by world-renowned artists."


Roster Of Footballers

A Roster of Footballers refers to a comprehensive list or group of football players assembled by a team or organization. This collective noun phrase represents the compilation of talented individuals who make up a particular football team. A Roster of Foo...

Example sentence

"The roster of footballers was constantly updated as new talent was scouted."


Roster Of Influencers

A Roster of Influencers refers to a comprehensively curated and distinguished group of individuals who have significant impact, sway, or authority over a particular sphere, niche, or industry. This collective noun phrase represents the amalgamation of not...

Example sentence

"The marketing team curated a comprehensive roster of influencers from various industries and backgrounds."


Roster of Players

A roster of players is a collective noun phrase that refers to a list or compilation of individuals who are part of a particular sporting team or group. It serves as an organized record that outlines the individuals' names, positions, and other relevant i...

Example sentence

"The roster of players for the basketball team was full of talented athletes."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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