[20] Examples of Collective Nouns: Profiling the Settings of Collective Actions

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. When discussing different settings, there are several collective nouns one can use to describe the groups of individuals found within those settings. In educational settings, one might use the collective noun "class" to refer to a group of students found together in one learning environment. Similarly, when exploring the world of literature, "library" can be employed as a collective noun to represent a group of books which are organized and available for reading. Within an artistic context, "gallery" can serve as the collective noun for a selection of artistic pieces displayed together in an exhibition. Additionally, in the realm of dining out, "restaurant" can be used as a collective noun for a collection of tables arranged together to accommodate diners. Thus, utilizing collective nouns associated with a particular setting helps convey the idea of a grouped or unified entity.


Setting Of Amethysts

The collective noun phrase Setting of Amethysts portrays an awe-inspiring image of a beautiful arrangement or display where a collection of striking amethyst gemstones adorn a particular setting. Each amethyst gemstone possesses its own unique violet hue,...

Example sentence

"The setting of amethysts was meticulously arranged, with each gemstone carefully placed to catch the light."


Setting Of Birthstones

The collective noun phrase Setting of Birthstones refers to a beautifully arranged display of various gemstones that correspond to each individual's birth month. This elaborate arrangement showcases a collection of uniquely colored and precious stones, ea...

Example sentence

"The setting of birthstones is a captivating display of dazzling gems at the jewelry store."


Setting Of Bracelets

The collective noun phrase Setting of Bracelets refers to a regal and intricate collection or group of bracelets that are carefully arranged or displayed together. Each bracelet within this ensemble possesses its unique aesthetic qualities, yet all share ...

Example sentence

"The setting of bracelets in the jewelry shop was vast and dazzling, with a wide array of designs and precious gemstones."


Setting Of Brooches

The collective noun phrase Setting of Brooches refers to a group or collection of brooches that are displayed or arranged in a specific location or setting. A brooch is a piece of decorative jewelry typically worn on clothing and can serve both an aesthet...

Example sentence

"The setting of brooches on display at the jewelry exhibition was truly breathtaking."


Setting Of Diamonds

The collective noun phrase Setting of Diamonds refers to a dazzling display of diamonds that have been expertly placed in various intricate settings. The term setting denotes the mounting or framework that holds the gemstones in place, carefully crafted t...

Example sentence

"The setting of diamonds in the engagement ring was exquisite and intricate."


Setting Of Earrings

The collective noun phrase Setting of Earrings refers to a collection or group of earrings that share a common design, style, or purpose for their setting. It often represents a diverse array of earrings that are matched or organized by their overall aest...

Example sentence

"The shop displayed a stunning setting of earrings, each glimmering with exquisite gemstones."


Setting of Eggs

The collective noun phrase Setting of Eggs refers to a grouping or collection of multiple eggs arranged and incubated in a particular location or habitat. This term is commonly associated with birds, reptiles, and certain insects, which lay eggs and prote...

Example sentence

"The hen carefully arranged her setting of eggs in the straw-filled nest."


Setting Of Engagement Rings

The collective noun phrase Setting of Engagement Rings refers to the carefully designed and crafted mounts or frames that secure and showcase the precious gemstones or diamonds on engagement rings. Just as each relationship is unique, the setting of engag...

Example sentence

"The setting of engagement rings plays a crucial role in enhancing the brilliance and appearance of the gemstones."


Setting Of Gemstones

The collective noun phrase Setting of Gemstones refers to a varied and exquisite arrangement of gemstones, carefully placed within a specific piece of jewelry or decorative piece. It encompasses the process of positioning and securing the gemstones onto a...

Example sentence

"The setting of gemstones in the sparkling tiara caught everyone's attention."


Setting Of Jewels

The collective noun phrase Setting of Jewels refers to a treasure trove of precious gemstones carefully arranged in various accessories, such as jewelry or decorative pieces. This exquisite collection of gemstones showcases an array of brilliant hues, cut...

Example sentence

"The setting of jewels in the display case caught everyone's attention as they entered the jewelry store."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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