[23] Sheaf of Examples: Unraveling Collective Nouns for Sheaf In Everyday Life

A sheaf is a term used to describe a collection or group of items that are bound or gathered together. In the context of collective nouns, "sheaf" typically refers to a specific unit of measurement or grouping of certain agricultural products, such as grain, wheat, or paper. When used as a collective noun, examples of sheaf can include:

1. A sheaf of wheat: This refers to a bundle of wheat stalks, typically tied together after being harvested from the crop fields. It represents an amount or collection of wheat ready for processing, storage, or consolidation.

2. A sheaf of paper: In this context, a sheaf would describe a bundle of paper sheets stacked together. It is often seen in offices, printing presses, or libraries as a neat and organized grouping of paper.

3. A sheaf of documents: Referring to a collection or stack of legal papers, contracts, or important paperwork, a sheaf can represent an assortment of documents that have been sorted or ordered together based on a specific purpose or related topics.

4. A sheaf of arrows: A sheaf can also describe a number of arrows banded or grouped together. Historically referred to during medieval warfare or archery competitions, a sheaf of arrows symbolizes a supply or cache of ammunition for archers.

5. A sheaf of corn: In agriculture, a sheaf of corn represents a bundle of cornstalks or corn husks tied together, particularly during harvest time. It represents a tangible collection of fresh produce ready for further processing or storage.

Heavily reliant on context, the term "sheaf" is commonly used to emphasize bundling or gathering items of similar nature together, whether related to farming, writing, printing, or storing materials.


Sheaf of Arrows

A sheaf of arrows refers to a specific arrangement or grouping of arrows, usually bound tightly together. The term sheaf originates from the agricultural practice of harvesting and bundling crops, where plant stalks or grains were gathered and tied togeth...

Example sentence

"The archer carried a sheaf of arrows in his quiver during the hunting trip."


Sheaf Of Barley

A sheaf of barley refers to a specific quantity or bundle of barley stalks that have been gathered and bound together. This collective noun phrase vividly portrays the sense of unity and consolidation found in a field of mature barley, as countless indivi...

Example sentence

"The farmer gathered a sheaf of barley from the fields, ready for harvest."


Sheaf Of Bills

A sheaf of bills refers to a unique collection or grouping of currency notes predominantly made up of banknotes or bills of various denominations. Much like the agricultural term sheaf refers to a bundled or bound bunch of cut stalks or straws, a sheaf of...

Example sentence

"The accountant organized a sheaf of bills on her desk, ready to be sorted and paid."


Sheaf of Corn

A sheaf of corn refers to a gathering or bundle of harvested cornstalks tightly bound together with a husk or twine. This collective noun phrase aptly reflects the traditional method of manually tying and stacking cornstalks after they have been reaped fr...

Example sentence

"The farmer harvested a sheaf of corn from his field today."


Sheaf Of Documents

A sheaf of documents is a collective noun phrase used to describe a bundle or stack of various papers or files. The term sheaf implies a tightly bound assortment of documents, much like harvested wheat or other grains that are tightly bundled together. Th...

Example sentence

"The lawyer handed over a sheaf of documents to the judge for review."


Sheaf Of Drawings

A sheaf of drawings refers to a gathering or collection of drawings, usually related to a specific theme, topic, or artist. It presents a visual representation of creativity and expression. Within this collective noun phrase, each drawing possesses its di...

Example sentence

"The artist proudly displayed a sheaf of drawings, showcasing her talent and creativity."


Sheaf Of Essays

A sheaf of essays, like a bundle of wheat, brings together a collection of written thoughts and ideas, bound together in a cohesive entity. It is a gathering, a congregation of written works, embodying the voices and perspectives of various authors. Just ...

Example sentence

"The students had to submit a sheaf of essays to their professor at the end of the semester."


Sheaf Of Grain

A sheaf of grain refers to a specific type of collective noun phrase that is used to denote a bundle or a collection of stalks or stems of grain plants, such as wheat, oats, or barley, that have been gathered and bound together. The term sheaf originates ...

Example sentence

"The farmer brought in a sheaf of grain from the field."


Sheaf Of Hair

A sheaf of hair is a captivating and unusual collective noun phrase used to describe a group of loose strands or tufts of hair grouped or joined together. Evoking imagery of golden wheat harvested and bound together, a sheaf of hair carries a whimsical co...

Example sentence

"The hair stylist gathered a sheaf of hair clippings from the salon floor."


Sheaf Of Hay

A sheaf of hay refers to a collective group or bundle of harvested grasses, typically those used as feed or bedding for livestock. This common agricultural phrase represents both the physical gathering and the associated context, making it an evocative te...

Example sentence

"I needed a sheaf of hay to fill the stable for my new horse."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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