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A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, things, or concepts. While collective nouns typically represent a singular entity despite being made up of multiple individuals, some examples specifically include the word "singular" in their terminology.

One such example is a singular collective noun for a group of animals known as "a singular pride of lions." Although a pride can consist of multiple lions, the word "singular" emphasizes that they function as a unified unit - a cohesive family or social group.

Another example is "a singular fleet of ships." This term describes a specific group of vessels that navigate together for a common purpose, suggesting uniformity and coordination among the ships, creating a powerful and robust singular unit at sea.

Similarly, we have "a singular class of students" which denotes a particular group of pupils united in the pursuit of education. This term highlights the unity and commonality among the students that they are collectively a singular academic body, while still representing various individuals.

There's also "a singular orchestra of musicians" implying a group of instrumentalists that come together in harmony to create beautiful music. Depicting an assemblage of diverse instrumental talents, the term underscores the harmonious and singular nature of their combined artistic prowess.

In summary, collective nouns with the word "singular" are used to concretely state that despite being composed of multiple individuals, the group acts as a cohesive, unified, and singular entity, emphasizing the unity and coordination maintained within a specific collective.


Singular of Boars

The singular of boars refers to a lone, adult male wild pig. Boars are known for their muscular build, protective tusks, and powerful nature, making them an emblematic figure in the animal kingdom. This solitary creature navigates its environment with a d...

Example sentence

"A singular of boars typically lasts for several years before young males venture out on their own."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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