[19] Discover the Catch: Collective Noun Examples with Snatch

A snatch of collective nouns encompasses a group or assemblage of living beings or objects that are united by particular characteristics, activities, or natural occurrences, all associated with the term "snatch." Although not extensive in occurrence, these collective nouns highlight the specific and distinctive nuances that bind snatching-related collective phenomena. Below are three examples:

1. A snatch of thieves - This collective noun represents a group of individuals engaged in illicit activities such as pilfering, robbery, or burglary. Symbolizing the clandestine nature of their actions, the nod to a snatch emphasizes the swiftness and skill required for their craft. The term's negative connotation alludes to the dangerous and unlawful aspects of this collective gathering.

2. A snatch of magpies - This collective term refers to the iconic black-and-white birds known for their scavenging behavior. Here, the noun "snatch" emphasizes their intriguing habit of collecting objects and treasures within their nests, often incorporating shiny or reflective items that catch their attention. This group-based behavior indicates these intelligent birds' resourcefulness and adaptability.

3. A snatch of time - Going beyond physical entity associations, this abstract collective noun captures the fleeting essence of time. Here, a "snatch" specifically denotes grasping or capturing a moment, underscoring its transitory nature and urging one to value every passing instant. Employing the term in this context tends to highlight the brevity and preciousness of time, infusing it with an intentional sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the present.

Overall, these examples exemplify the unique ways in which collective nouns can incorporate the term "snatch" to depict groups linked by actions, bird behavior, or temporal phenomena, conveying particular characterizations and qualities essential to each context.


Snatch Of Bandits

A snatch of bandits refers to a group of robbers or thieves who work together in unlawful activities, often engaging in acts of theft, illegal trades or activities that disrupt order and pose a threat to the society. The term snatch implies the quick and ...

Example sentence

"A large snatch of bandits was captured by the police last night after committing a series of robberies in the city."


Snatch Of Con Artists

A snatch of con artists refers to a group of unscrupulous individuals who engage in criminal activities primarily revolving around deceit, manipulation, and fraud. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the notion that these individuals often work toget...

Example sentence

"A snatch of con artists operated in the city, targeting unwitting victims with their sophisticated scams."


Snatch Of Cutpurses

A Snatch of Cutpurses is a compelling and apt term for a gathering or collection of individuals who delight in participating in illicit activities, particularly the art of theft and petty larceny. The word snatch accurately reflects the swiftness and dext...

Example sentence

"A Snatch of Cutpurses was seen on the crowded street, quickly dispersing through the crowd before anyone noticed their sneaky actions."


Snatch Of Forgers

A snatch of forgers is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase used to encapsulate a group of individuals involved in the illicit and skillful art of forgery. The word snatch not only implies a small, secretive gathering but also hints at the steal...

Example sentence

"A snatch of forgers was apprehended by the police last night, ending their counterfeit operation."


Snatch Of Fugitives

A Snatch of Fugitives refers to a group or collection of individuals who have recently escaped from custody, typically involving a criminal or illegal context. This peculiar and evocative collective noun phrase captures the heightened urgency and clandest...

Example sentence

"A snatch of fugitives emerged from the dark alleyway, their faces hidden under hooded jackets."


Snatch Of Gamblers

A snatch of gamblers is a colorful and apt collective noun phrase used to describe a group of individuals engaged in the activity of gambling. Borrowing from the inherent energy and fast-paced nature of the word snatch, this phrase vividly captures the es...

Example sentence

"A snatch of gamblers crowded around the blackjack table, eagerly placing their bets."


Snatch Of Hustlers

Snatch of Hustlers is an intriguing and evocative collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of skillful individuals known as hustlers. This unique designation portrays a sense of intrigue and mystery, encapsulating the essence and energy that these ...

Example sentence

"A snatch of hustlers gathered on the dimly lit street corner, plotting their next con."


Snatch of Pickpockets

A snatch of pickpockets refers to a group of individuals who are skillful in the craft of pickpocketing, operating with precision and often under stealthy circumstances. This collective noun phrase vividly portrays their nature as a cohesive unit, swiftly...

Example sentence

"In the busy market square, a snatch of pickpockets skillfully maneuvered through the crowd, eyeing unsuspecting victims with precision."


Snatch Of Pirates

A Snatch of Pirates is a whimsical and evocative collective noun phrase that captures the essence of a group of pirates in a playful yet mysterious way. This term creates an immediate mental image of a motley crew of swashbucklers, clad in ragged garments...

Example sentence

"A Snatch of Pirates sailed the high seas, their fearsome reputation preceding them."


Snatch Of Poachers

A Snatch of Poachers is a term used to describe a group of individuals who partake in the illegal practice of poaching. Poaching refers to the act of unlawfully hunting, capturing, or harvesting wildlife, often for their prized parts or to be sold as exot...

Example sentence

"A snatch of poachers was caught red-handed by the forest rangers, while capturing rare and endangered animals."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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