[30] Taking Center Stage: Exploring Collective Noun Examples with 'Stage'

A collective noun is a single term used to eiraller.

nces*a group of animate or inanimate objects or entities.* Collective nouns are commonly used in English to describe a specific collection, unit, or group of things.

When it comes to collective nouns associated with the word "stage," there are a few examples that capture the essence of this term. These include:

1. Company: Referring to a group of actors or performers who work together on stage, a "company" provides entertainment collectively. They collaborate to bring character performances to life through their talents.

2. Troupe: Typically used in the context of touring shows or theatrical companies, a "troupe" emphasizes a group of performers who collaborate on stage productions together. This word often represents a close-knit collective of actors or entertainers.

3. Ensemble: Adopted from the French, the term "ensemble" signifies a group of individuals performing together on stage. It usually refers to a collective cast of musicians, dancers, or actors collaborating in creating art pieces, harmoniously blending their respective skills.

4. Cast: With a wide application, "cast" describes the entire group of actors or performers in a theatrical production. Whether it's a small-town play or a massive Broadway show, the cast works together on the stage, interweaving their acting talents to portray a story.

5. company of Players: This collective noun depicts a"group of players," emphasizing the collaborative effort involved in staged performances, typically associated with Elizabethan theater. In this context, it portrays a group of actors who regularly performed together and played different roles in the same acting company, such as William Shakespeare's renowned group, "The Lord Chamberlain's Men."

6. Chorus: While primarily associated with musical theater, an integral part of Greek tragedy, and the opera, a "chorus" represents a collective group of singers or performers who collaborate to bring a musical element to the stage. They harmonize and contribute to the storytelling, bridging the gap between the audience and the performers.

Collective nouns associated with "stage" embody the multifaceted collaborations and intricate dynamics that unfold on the stage. They portray the unity and teamwork required in creating splendid theatrical productions for audiences to appreciate and enjoy.


Stage Of Acrobats

Stage of Acrobats is a captivating and dynamic collective noun phrase used to represent a group of acrobats performing together on a stage. Just like a mesmerizing spectacle unfolding before an eager audience, this phrase encapsulates the expertise, synch...

Example sentence

"The stage of acrobats amazed the audience with their daring flips and gravity-defying stunts."


Stage of Actors

Stage of Actors is a captivating ensemble, combining the theatrical prowess and talents of various performers who bask in the limelight of the dramatic arts. This distinctive collective noun phrase refers to a group of skilled individuals, united on the p...

Example sentence

"The stage of actors prepared diligently for their upcoming performance, rehearsing their lines and perfecting their movements."


Stage Of Applause

Stage of Applause is a captivating and dazzling collective noun phrase that brings to mind a crescendo of admiration coupled with the brilliant energy of a live performance. This awe-inspiring term refers to a group of individuals gathered together in a t...

Example sentence

"The actors on stage received a rousing stage of applause after their stellar performance."


Stage Of Artists

Stage of Artists is a compelling collective noun phrase that evokes a vibrant image of unity and creativity amongst a group of talented individuals. It represents a collective gathering of artists from various artistic disciplines, such as actors, singers...

Example sentence

"A stage of artists gathered at the annual music festival, showcasing their unique talents and creative expressions."


Stage Of Characters

A stage of characters refers to a vibrant, diverse, and captivating group of individuals that come together in a theatrical or performance setting. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the dynamic nature of the people involved in creating a stage prod...

Example sentence

"The stage of characters in Shakespearean plays often includes the witty fool, the lovesick nobleman, and the cunning villain."


Stage Of Clowns

A stage of clowns refers to a gathering or assembly of clowns performing on a stage or in a circus setting. It represents a whimsical and amusing spectacle where a group of individuals, known for their entertaining talents and comedic skills, come togethe...

Example sentence

"The audience burst into laughter as the stage of clowns piled out of their tiny car."


Stage Of Comedians

A stage of comedians refers to a captivating group of individuals who excel in the art of making people laugh. This unique collective noun phrase encapsulates the essence and dynamics of a gathering of talented humorists, whose sole purpose is to entertai...

Example sentence

"The stage of comedians burst into uproarious laughter as they entertained the audience with their hilarious jokes."


Stage Of Crew

Stage of Crew is a captivating collective noun phrase that captivatingly depicts a group of individuals working harmoniously and communally towards a common artistic or performative goal, primarily within the field of entertainment. This resplendent aggre...

Example sentence

"The stage of crew hurriedly set up the lights and sound equipment before the performance."


Stage Of Curtains

A Stage of Curtains is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase that metaphorically captures the essence of a theatrical performance. Imagine being in a grand theater, standing upon a stage where multiple curtains gracefully hang, each representing a...

Example sentence

"The stage of curtains shuddered slightly as the performers prepared to make their grand entrance."


Stage Of Dancers

A stage of dancers refers to a group or ensemble of individuals proficient in performing various styles of dance on a stage. It is a captivating and dynamic sight to behold, as this collective noun phrase encompasses dancers in creatively synchronized mov...

Example sentence

"The stage of dancers moved gracefully across the floor, each member perfectly in sync with the others."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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