[8] Thought-provoking Examples of Collective Nouns: Unleashing the Power of Words!

A collective noun refers to a group or collection of people, animals, or things. When it comes to a collective noun with the word "thought," it implies a gathering or assembly of ideas, reflections, or contemplations. While "thought" is predominantly an individual concept associated with our mental processes, using it as a collective noun takes it to a broader level, showcasing the power that lies within multiple minds coming together in harmony to generate diverse perspectives and innovative concepts. Examples of collective noun phrases with "thought" can include a collective thought, a pool of thoughts, a multitude of thoughts, an amalgamation of thoughts, a compilation of thoughts, or even a congregation of thoughts. These examples capture the essence of merging intellectual forces, creativity, and critical thinking, demonstrating the immense potential of collaborative thinking and highlighting the vitality of collective thought in various fields such as science, art, philosophy, and problem-solving.


Body Of Thought

Body of Thought is a captivating and powerful collective noun phrase that deftly introduces the essence of an intellectual community or group of individuals, bound by a common thread of profound contemplation and intellectual thought. Essentially, it repr...

Example sentence

"The body of thought surrounding personal identity is diverse and ever-evolving."


Pools Of Thought

Pools of Thought refer to a captivating and intricate amalgamation of ideas, perspectives, and insights that come together to form a collective body of knowledge. This phrase symbolizes a community, group, or society where diverse individuals contribute t...

Example sentence

"Pools of thought emerged during the brainstorming session as different ideas and perspectives were shared."


School Of Thought

A school of thought is a collective noun phrase that refers to a specific group or community of individuals who share similar beliefs, theories, or intellectual principles within a particular field or discipline. It can arise in fields such as philosophy,...

Example sentence

"The school of thought on this issue is divided between those who believe in individualism and those who advocate for collectivism."


Stream Of Thought

Stream of Thought is a fascinating collective noun phrase that encapsulates one of the most dynamic and complex aspects of human cognition. It refers to the uninterrupted flow of ideas, images, and associations that constantly run through the mind. Like a...

Example sentence

"As we discussed the problem at hand, the committee witnessed a stream of thought as different ideas flowed freely."


Thought Of Academics

Thought of Academics is a compelling and intellectual collective noun phrase that encapsulates the profound ideas, analytical reflections, and diverse perspectives generated by scholars and experts in various academic disciplines. Representing a repositor...

Example sentence

"The thought of academics is often dictated by rigorous research and critical analysis."


Thought of Barons

The collective noun phrase Thought of Barons refers to a group or assembly of highly influential individuals known as barons who are actively engaged in contemplation, reflection, and strategic thinking. This unique collective is composed of individuals a...

Example sentence

"The thought of barons pondering solutions in a grand medieval hall was mesmerizing."


Thought Of Philosophers

The collective noun phrase Thought of Philosophers symbolizes the culmination and consolidation of intellectual deliberations, musings, and insights produced by philosophers throughout history. It encompasses the countless ideas, ideals, and theories that...

Example sentence

"The thought of philosophers has shaped and guided humanity's understanding of the world for centuries."


Wave Of Thought

A wave of thought refers to the intriguing phenomenon where a series of ideas, concepts, or inspirations swiftly and powerfully surge through the minds of a group of individuals, creating a stimulating atmosphere of intellectual exploration and innovation...

Example sentence

"A wave of thought swept through the classroom as the teacher posed a challenging question."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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